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Since 2005, Solar VPS has been committed to providing the best hosting experience available. Our Windows VPS and Linux VPS empowers IT professionals with all the tools needed to operate the most profitable and productive Cloud VPS available on the market today. Our Cloud solutions allow you to take full control of your virtual private server with a myriad of unique add-ons, 24/7/365 support and full VPS customization. Hosting has never been so empowering.

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Hosting Reviews for SolarVPS

Mark M.

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I'm a DIY client and haven't needed their support team, so I can't review their customer service. But I've been using Solar for about two months and it's been a flawless experience.

The machine was provisioned quickly and has remained powered up (via the uptime command) and online (via Pingdom monitoring) since deployed.

If this two month preview is a sign of what's to come, I've finally hit the jackpot for VPS hosting after trying many others and being disappointed (BTW, the worst: BudgetVM.)

David J.

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SolarVPS is one company that I wouldn't recommend utilizing. Not only are their pricing models uncompetitive with other better vps providers out there (PowerVPS to name one) but their support plays ignorant with billing cancellations.

After using their service for a few months and canceling off, they sent me to collections over a single unpaid invoice of $40 odd dollars but decided to add some silly $150 odd dollar fee on top just for kicks. Cute, I must admit.

Top notch

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I had the same issue that David J. had so they i'm convinced that there are a problem with the customer service.


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Yes! i had the same problem! its really bad! but im better now..


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I have been using SolarVPS for 10+ years, and all good until recently. The service started deteriorating from a couple of months ago, with sudden unexpected outages, where my business was brought to standstill.

I tried to submit urgent requests for fixes and to get my business back on track. Yet most tickets had fallen on deaf ears. This time the server has been totally down since last Thurs, and I have not got any response from them since till last night, where they told me SolarVPS has decommissioned my sites as I quote

“Your VPS with IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx belongs to a very old SolarVPS subscription type, and that has been discontinued.

The notifications have been sent to the account owner's e-mail addresses, though we cannot further check now if this included which of yours.

Systems have been removed now and the data is no longer available as per the announced system decommission time-frame.”

The true is I have never received ANY notice from SolarVPS in relation to the decommission, that I do not have any chance to back up my business data accumulated over the past 10+ years.

This is the worst one can expect from a hosting provider.

Do you want this happen to you? Think twice before putting your trust on a company like SolarVPS!

Justin Sarma

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I had about 5 servers on vpscolo.com, which is the same company as solarvps.com. Suddenly, they decided to "decommission" all of them at once on 5/31 with no warning at all. They did not give me a chance to back up my data, and thus far they have not refunded the money they owe me for the extra 6 months of service that is in our contract. I had an important source code repo on one machine. I even had autobackup, but it went to another solarvps.com machine, which is apparently useless if they all get shut down simultaneous. EVIL!

John Foliot

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Avoid this company like the plague. My server is still down, 4.5 hours after submitting a trouble ticket, which is the *ONLY* way you can interact with this company - they have removed all telephone support, whether it be critical tech issues (having a server down for >4 hours is CRITICAL), or billing questions, or heck, even if you want to talk to a sales rep... no telephone support. I am leaving this bunch of goons pronto. Not worth the hassle, there are plenty of other service providers out there that understand what customer service means.

Mark S

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Like several other reviewers, I can safely say their service just dropped off a cliff around 2014. First of all, without warning, they removed ALL ways to contact their company, which is gravely concerning. They have one very small almost hidden link at the bottom of their page that takes you to a contact form, where if you use it, you won't get an answer. You can't even call them to upgrade an account.

We also began having TERRIBLE downtimes for absolutely no reason, and you had to send an email to some support account, which was unreliable about both their response time and their communication at all. Questions went unanswered, urgent support tickets went unaddressed for most of the day...

Then they begin losing data uncontrollably. If you're looking at SolarVPS reviews from around April/May 2015, you'll see a lot of people who inexplicably suffered a complete loss of their data. Thankfully, we'd already copied our data off and were moving to a different server when it happened.

I've dealt with a good number of hosts in my line of work, but I've never seen such a piss poor excuse for a host. Any other host on the planet would be better than this one.

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