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SolVPS delivers Linux and Windows virtual servers to businesses and end-users around the world. Our service is based on a streamlined technology platform built to support the automatic deployment and maintenance of virtual server instances.

It's surprising how difficult it is to find reliable, performance-oriented VPS hosting at a good price. SolVPS starts with a simple goal: to provide virtual-dedicated hosting in world-class data facilities at an accessible cost.

To this goal, add our promises of delivering service, reliability, and performance that exceed expectations. The result that we present to you is a scalable, affordable, and highly efficient web infrastructure hosting service.


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Hosting Reviews for SolVPS

Justin Ranford

    Review Rating

I am happy running my websites with SolVPS. Always found the site fast in the Control Panel & site management.

Their VPS in US is running fast - my sites are always up and accessible to my visitors (uptime is 99.9%).

They have met my needs perfectly and exceeded my expectations the couple times I needed support. When I ran into problems using third-party DNS hosting, they were able to help me diagnose the problem, but it still would have been nice if the instructions were clearer.

Uptime is Great... pricing is cheap. Their ssd is really faster than ordinary hosting. Speed is really superb.

I highly recommend SolVPS to anyone looking for outstanding, friendly, and reliable web hosting services.

Dana Belcher

    Review Rating

There's the price that just can't be beat. I spent nearly a week looking around for webhosts, and even though it doesn't rank on many webhost top 10 lists, I finally settled with solvps. It's a hidden gem. After setting up an account with them, I couldn't be happier, and I know that I made the right decision.

If you want to build any sort of website, solvps is the way to go. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Laura Juhl

    Review Rating

Good hosting experience with SolVPS.com. At first, it took me a while to get up and running because I had no clue how to use the vps. Once I got a hang of it, the system is very easy to use and their control panel makes it easy to manage your server. I can access my vps from any computer and it has never failed on me.

Tammy Morrow

    Review Rating

I have been using solvps since last 4 months, I can not tell you the number of times they have helped me with situations if they are created due to my mistakes only. Whenever I have a problem, I simply submit a ticket and within a 10 or 20 min times the problem is addressed and resolved.

Reliable servers, exceptionally fast support, exceptional professionals.


    Review Rating

My community has been hosted with SolVPS for 4 months. Things have been incredibly easy during that time, and I don't have much to remark on overall... my experiences with support have been good. Uptime has been very solid. For a high-activity vBulletin community, performance has been better than expected - see above.

Compared to other VPS hosting I've tried, I think they are a better value, overall just really solid.

Jose Murray

    Review Rating

SolVPS.com is my new VPS provider. I moved to it about 1 month ago and would like to share my feelings with them. These guys are very helpful. I had various stuff hosted on other web hosting providers and decided to keep all-in-one place. So SolVPS support team helped me to move everything from other places. At the moment I have never experienced downtime. Now I pay less and have everything in one place and have perfect service. SolVPS is recommended!

James Cohen

    Review Rating

I have been using SolVPS since August, 2015. They have great customer support. I love the prices. The server was down for about 15 minutes one month. So far, I am extremely impressed with these guys. There is nothing that counts more than decent support, they go beyond the call. I really hope the rest of the support team are like this.

Is one of the most professional and engaging technical professionals I've dealt with in the past 10 years.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a courteous and reliable web host provider.

Gemma Douglass

    Review Rating

I was looking for professional Linux VPS hosting provider and finally followed the recommendation of my client to choose SolVPS.com and their hosting service. I can say they provide reliable and respectable service. They have top-notch customer service, responding to trouble tickets immediately and consistently. As a customer, I am particularly fortunate to have a reliable Linux VPS website host, as well as a support team. Easy set-up in control panel as well, and an excellent price (their 25% discount code also saved a good sum of money for me)!

They are very professional and have designed a user friendly website.

Think I'll move all my sites to SolVPS because of: great pricing, friendly user interface, excellent support and decent uptime. So, I recommend their Linux VPS hosting to other webmasters.

Jimmy M. Hollingsworth

    Review Rating

I have always been happy with SolVPS quality of service, the options the server offers, as well as the varieties of data plans. Reliable uptime, and decent customer support on the 2-3 occasions when I've had trouble with my site.

Customer support is responsive and helpful.

Yes, everything is excellent! They have adjusted their pricing plans over time to keep them competitive and currently are extremely competitive in their pricing.

I've found their support to be good. They respond quickly, know how to fix problems, spend an appropriate amount of time investigating and responding to issues. SolVPS is greatly recommended.

Christopher Carter

    Review Rating

Can't say anything negative about this place. The technician support is the best I've experienced as they really do try even the tough issues that take a while to sort out, it always gets sorted in the end. Very appreciative of SolVPS and have had no desire to go anywhere else. My business is much indebted to the organisation. Special thanks support team.

Marcela Sykorova

    Review Rating

So, I have a good time since I've been hosting my websites with solvps.com, I have no server crashes or hacker attacks, my site really works good with boonex and it costs many ressources when users take the videochat, but the performance is everytime good.

Rosie Boggs

    Review Rating

Recommend this decent web host to all of webmasters and newbies. For a web designer handling lots of accounts, I'd highly recommend SolVPS service. The price is surprisingly low.

Justiina Ojala

    Review Rating


I had good experience with SolVPS cloud ssd hosting as its my favorite one,

The company provide you the best service by their end,when ever i had some problem with my Website, & their support people helped me 24/7.

Lilian Chatfield

    Review Rating

They are good and they have and give all it takes to keep and satisfy hard customers. And on top of that they are cheap. They are thousand time much better than my former hosts. I really like this host.

I'm staying , because they are good. I saw that SolVPS offered money back guarantee, so I decided to try them as I knew that I won't lose anything. I contacted them, told my specific needs, their IT guys helped me to cutomize VPS solution according to my needs.

John Feldman

    Review Rating

They asked for identification documents, which we sent.

They closed our accounts 2 days after & told us never to contact them again.

Before it got suspended we did send them the documents, they just ignored it and shut our 2 accounts down.

Not recommended

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