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SpeedFox has a solid reputation as an ethical web host that is driven by ideas. At SpeedFox,we are problem solvers, looking for the perfect solution for you and your company. SpeedFox goal is to satisfy your requirements from technology to service and provide (above the industry-standard) network uptime.


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s sausedo

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I have have been fairly happy wiith speedfox overthe last couple of years and have had pretty good support whn an ocasional problem occurred but, over the last few months, they have nose-dived out of control it seems.

A few months back the servers became infected and all of my sites got flagged by Google. I had not uploaded any infected files myself but because it is shared hosting my sites became "Know Malicious/dangerous sites and I was notified by clients - the damage was done. I then had to take time out to check all of the content on my sites just to be certain there were no infected files and then to submit requests to Google to check my site again and remove it from the "bad wed sites" flagging in the Google index.

Shortly after this I could not get any email for almost a week and everything was bounced back saying "it did not exist" during this period. I could not get anyone from support via phone OR chat and finally, after multiple attempts, I was able to get a support ticket submitted through the system. Also, they lost ALL of the incomoing mail for the entire week. There was no source of capturing email in the system during this period - VERY poor system management and desighn.

When they supposedly got it up and running I still was having problems authenticating with the mail servers. I also noticed that none ofmy admin tools in the control panel were working pproperly either.

Now, the last couple of days, I have been unable to get my formmail working. I have set this up for many clients and have no problems on any server but SPeedfox. This time I cannot get any tech service by phone - no humans at all and the message system will not even TAKE a phone message because the MAILBOX IS FULL, Chat is not available , I cannot log into my control panel AT ALL to do any work, I cannot even GET the helpdesk/support page on the Speedfox web site to come up so that I may submit a request for support. Virtually the ONLY think I can do is upload files - amazing!

WARNING: I think it is time to bail because I get the impression that these guys are quickly sinking if they are already not out of business.

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