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Our shared webhosting environment is the fastest and most inexpensive way to get your personal and business websites, blogs or portfolios online. Ongoing investments in our state of the art hosting infrastructure provides you with powerful features and unlimited capacity to achieve your personal and business needs exceeding the industry standards.


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I went ahead and made my first vps purchase through spexhost due to a google ad pop up received on a hosting blog.I was still very new to the whole "having a VPS" thing but was excited at the same time. Right off the bat I was impressed with their prompt and instant set up. I was having issues getting my apache to work properly and was thinking that maybe I bit off more then I can chew. In comes spexhost's support team I sent in a ticket and within 5 minutes got a reply from Matt who seemed more then happy to help out and even gave me some explanations on what I did wrong and how to prevent this issue from happening again. I have had web hosting packages from many companies in the past and for being a noob at my first VPS purchase this company proved beyond reasonable doubt that I made the right decision by choosing them.

I normally only post bad reviews but in this case I just could not pass up on sharing my great experience.


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