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Spiral Hosting was established in 2006. With data centres in the UK, Ireland, France, USA, Canada, Singapore & Australia, we're an Irish company with a global presence. Our experience started back in 1998 as the worldwide web began to flood into homes and companies began to see the advantages of having an online presence. With this extensive knowledge of the developing world of web hosting, we really know our stuff! Our company has grown considerably over the years into a global brand recognised for its dedicated, friendly service and ease of use.

Spiral Hosting’s reputation for customer service is at the forefront of our business across the globe. We’re constantly redeveloping and re-investing in our future to help our clients develop their future too. We know what to expect when it comes to web hosting and we promise we will strive to deliver these expectations every day.

Belfast, United Kingdom.

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Hosting Reviews for Spiral Hosting

Steve Sims

    Review Rating

Excellent support from extremely helpful staff. Easy access to clients area and therefore to assistance where problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Very happy with the way our website is run.

Eddie Wall

    Review Rating

I have been with Spiral hosting for many years... I would not hesitate in recommending them. My initial setup was painless, they could not have been more helpful. Service and support is the best I have ever seen in ANY business. Always quick to respond, always available... to the tools and services on offer satisfy every requiremnt that I have. I would not consider moving anywhere else.

    Review Rating

We migrated the hosting division of our business to Spiral Hosting in early 2010 and now operate as a reseller and what a great decision it was! Spiral Hosting has provided amazing customer support for our clients since the move - the performance of their servers is also extremly impressive and we no longer have to worry about issues like security as they take care of all that!

Mark Gallagher

    Review Rating

Have been with Spiral Hosting since mid 2010 after having problems with my old host. Before I had even signed up with them they were the most helpful hosting company I had come across, all my questions were answered quickly and by people who knew what they were talking about. Ever since any problems I have had have been sorted quickly and efficiently any time of the day or night. I would highly recommend them and couldn't be happier with the service I receive from them.

    Review Rating

I have used the Spiral Hosting service for over 10 years. Aside from the great products and services they offer, their customer service is unsurpassed - something to aspire to as a business owner. Couldn't be happier and so pleased I found this gem.

    Review Rating

I wanted to thank the team for their support and patience! I'm very new to hosting and domains etc and the support was most welcome and made the process so much easier. Follow up emails and calls were helpful and prompt and everything I needed to know was explained in a professional, polite and simple manner. Keep up the good work! Thanks and regards..Ciara Ni hAimheargain

John Flannery

    Review Rating

Excellent support from extremely helpful staff. Very good response from site. Delighted with the service we have

Martin Evans

    Review Rating

I have dealt with spiral hosting for several years now. They are extremely customer focused and have a unique talent in assisting those who are not technically minded. If you are a novice webmaster or an award winning web site designer, spiral are definitely the ideal hosting partner for you.

    Review Rating

I have been using Spiral Hosting ever since they merged with Eideashop. I couldn't be happier with their support for my questions and service for helping me with anything that might come us. They are always there for you within minutes and are very patient if I do not understand some technicalities.

Lida Hertel

    Review Rating

I moved hosting from another provider after having numerous issues. I am very non technical and the thoughts of changing and perhaps messing things up worried me.

From the first contact with the sales team, through to the technical support who done literally everything for me I cannot say enough about the service for moving.


Lida Hertelova

    Review Rating

After some issues with previous hosting providers on numerous sites, I now recommend Spiral to everyone on all new projects. They have been excellent across the board - value for money, great customer service, quick response time and I've had no issues whatsoever with the services provided.

    Review Rating

Fantastic company, really helpful for everything, hosting is rock solid perfect for WordPress.

    Review Rating

I just have to leave this review. I opened a support ticket today, not only was it dealt with almost intermediately but i received a follow up call within minutes which talked me through lots of settings.

In the end we ran out of time and Eric ended up ringing me back from his own home 3 hours later to finish checking all settings for me through screen sharing.

I must say through the earlier phone call i was minding our baby and Eric was extremely patient as he had to wait several times for me to tend to the baby. To be honest you would only get that service off a family member normally. Spirals customer support is worth the price alone ! Thank You, Ronan

john quinlan

    Review Rating

I find spiral hosting perfect as when I have any questions they are fast getting back and always helpful with there response really professional they are. On there pricing I find very satisfactory and reasonable so very good. I find that my website work perfectly it loads fast and sufficient. I am really lucky with spiral I would recommend them to anybody so overall I am pleased

    Review Rating

From first contacting Spiral Hosting with regard to setting up a website they have been absolutely excellent. Since then any queries/ support issues we have had were all dealt with speedily and professionally - our latest problem was resolved in a 5 minute turnaround! I must say this company is customer focused and have no hesitation in recommending them. Wish all companies followed their example.

    Review Rating

Great company that provides a solid easy to use platform. They always communicate and out always seems a personal service.

We had a tv appearance and they sorted things so the site handled the surge without issue. They monitored the site and even checked when our particular episode would be on. Great attention to detail cannot recommend them highly enough.


    Review Rating

I have been with this host several years having been with a number of others prior to that.

Mr Armstrong and his team give an excellent speedy courteous service.

Also I find the cPanel as used by SpiralHosting to be the best control panel for users, having tried other types previously.

    Review Rating

I'm specifically going out of my way to recommend Spiral Hosting.

There customer service is out of this world.

The amount of detailed and professional help that I have received has absolutely blown me away.

I appreciate all the good work you guys are doing.

If there is anyone who is not expert level with regards to how hosting works, I highly recommend this fast and friendly hosting provider.

    Review Rating

We have been with this company for many. many years now and find the level of service is "second to none". We are not spending a fortune on our hosting and they have always responded to support issues superfast and go that extra mile to help - even when the issue is related to our own errors!!

Tim Sexton

    Review Rating

We were very impressed with the ease of setup for Spiral.

Each stage of the initial process was straightforward, allowing us to get setup in minutes and to migrate a large site easily.

When we chatted with Spiral the chat response was immediate with clear advice given, just as you would wish for.

Thanks Spiral....

    Review Rating

I use Spiral Hosting for a couple of good years now. I tried many other hosting providers before. Their uptime is really good and their support is excellent. It's the one hosting that I would truly recommend.

    Review Rating

I've used three providers before finding Spiral, and they've been fantastic so far. They migrated my entire site over for free (which my previous provider said they'd charged €70 for) and they're surprisingly quick with replying.

I've never felt like I've been waiting a long time for a reply from their tech support. I'd say I've never waited more than half an hour for a reply, and honestly I'd say it's less. They're very very quick and super helpful.


    Review Rating

Recently experienced some issues re our site-most actually not germane to responsibility of Spiral but related to external issues. Nevertheless, Spiral looked after us in all matters with diligence, sound advice and most importantly, alacrity.

Ryan Scott

    Review Rating

Spiral hosting based in Northern Ireland is brilliant. Peter offers excellent support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Spiral to anyone. The only thing I would suggest bringing out new reseller packages with less of a big jump. However I will say the service has been flawless.

Brilliant crown and would highly recommend Spiral.

Olivia Kelly

    Review Rating

Spiral Hosting have surpassed my expectations. Support tickets are processed rapidly. I have always managed to speak to a representative by phone when I needed to. I have hosted my websites with Spiral for a number of years and it is great to have peace of mind. The customer service representatives are extremely efficient, patient and knowledgeable. They have resolved my issues effortlessly every time and have dug me out of a hole on a number of occasions. Thank you for the excellent service.

Nick Tasker

    Review Rating

I am not an IT just your average bloke in the street and I have found Spiral to be both responsive, patience and supportive in setting me up and getting me going, including good advice on selecting plans best for my pocket not just their own. Very excellent service.


    Review Rating

Eric was a great help in the live chat.

Christine Judd

    Review Rating

I have used them for years and they are reliable and support is outstanding

    Review Rating

I have used Spiral for 2 years now and moved all my site to their service. They support is absolutely Top class!

Tomasz Smalec

    Review Rating

The best hosting I have ever had. Awesome technical support.

    Review Rating

Fantastic customer support. Really good patient and thorough help today. Cheers!

    Review Rating

I've been using this Spiral Hosting for a number of years now and have always found them very helpful and responsive to my queries. I host websites with them in their data centres in Dublin and London. When it comes to security they really keep on top of things so you don't have to worry too much even if your websites are on a shared server.

Pammie Carmichael-Hogg

    Review Rating

As a non techie, I've needed heavy support with a tech issue and have found Spiral and particularly Eric Cooper to be the absolute best. No question is too silly and nothing too much trouble. I feel safe and secure with Spiral and like I have 'friends' on the end of a message. Replies are prompt and courteous always. Spiral really does live up to its reputation. In a world of increasing anonymity and loss of customer service, Spiral you rock!!

Michael O Farrell

    Review Rating

Spiral hosting was recommended to me by a small business firm here in dublin about 2 years ago. I have been beyond impressed by the responsiveness and effectiveness of their service not to mention the courtesy shown by any person who dealt with any issues that arose.

I feel very secure with their service and all the spam issues with a previous provider are a distant memory.

Just now Eric has resolved an issue with surprising speed.

This is the kind of service Bernadette Jiwa writes books in praise of...a model. Well done all.


Andy M

    Review Rating

I have been with Spiral since 2012 and have only ever had good experiences with them. Fast response on backup restores, excellent support going above and beyond for the package I pay for, and I can't recall the last time the site was down. Highly recommended.

Jan Gerič

    Review Rating

I've got a few problems and questions about my two sites and SpiralHosting's support always came through for me. They are reliably, quick, solve your problem without complications and save you plenty of time. I am a really satisfied customer and can only recommend them as I haven't had a bad experience with them.

James Cussen

    Review Rating

I've been with spiral hosting for just under a year now and have never had a problem and today when I contacted their customer service I had my mind blown by the support. It turns out it was nothing to do with their end but the DNS servers on my laptop and their customer service assistant Peter talked me through a lot of stuff that was way over my head (a rare occurrence) and I am so impressed with the knowledge and assistance that I have to come off my customary reviewing fence to give these people some props. Amazing. Very impressed. Thanks a million Peter

Marcos Keaney

    Review Rating

I've been with the company for over 5 year now and can honestly say they are the most genuine guys I've dealt with. I'm based in Dublin, Ireland and have never had any issues. Their customer support have helped resolve many issues are are always on hand to answer any question no matter how easy or difficult. I really sense an appreciation for their customers which in this day and age goes a long way for me. Thanks for your continued support Spiral!

Marcos Keaney - Castle33 Digital Ltd

Damien Glancy

    Review Rating

Spiralhost are truly a great (Irish) hosting company. They are the kind of hosting company you would like to run yourself. Prices are really well priced and uptime for me has been 100% over the past 240 days - so don't judge reliability from the price tag - there is no correlation!

I use their new Cloud VPS offering and not their cPanel.

One thing that I do miss is that currently you have to raise a support request (always dealt with very promptly) to get DNS changes made to your domain -- but I understand they have a self-service option in development. Its been a while since I needed to make DNS changes, so that may even be already in place.

Speed, pricing, support responsiveness, uptime. Over the past 200+ days, I found Spiralhosting has offered me everything I needed from a host.

Highly recommended.

    Review Rating

A team of highly available and dependable hosting specialists.

The core strength of Spiral Hosting is their support levels, followed closely by their uptime record.

For any of our work and for our clients, I always use / recommend Spiral Hosting.

    Review Rating

I have suffered seroious malware problems on my site and Spiral has been very supportive and collaborating. Much more than other providers.


    Review Rating

Had a technical difficulty with my email and had excellent support in resolving it. Staff were prompt, patient and efficient in addressing it - very helpful indeed

    Review Rating

Any support issue we have raised has been dealt with quickly and effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending Spiral.


    Review Rating

I use to be with Aventurehost until they were bought by Spiral Hoting and never had any problems. The last few months though I feel like my account is being deliberately throttled.

I had to set my FTP to only one connection at a time as they kept blocking me which now means doing anything takes an absolute age. Previously it was as fast as you would expect with only the usual frequency of errors.'

My websites have become slower despite nothing changing.

I cant set server compression to on without the control panel throwing errors.

And finally I can't delete emails from Roundcube. I think it is time to move elsewhere.

    Review Rating

fast webhosting, get a reply from support when you submit a ticket all in all happy with them.

Craig Hill

    Review Rating

Probably was good years ago but recently performance is sluggish and customer support is not so helpful. Disappointed how the company seems to have degraded. The prices are still attractive but even with little such small prices can't help with poor support.

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