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Hosting Reviews for Squidix Web Hosting

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Squidix has been a great multi-site host for us. CPanel is the best platform for managing your hosting. In addition, you get personal service from the top, not from a newbie customer service rep. 5 Stars!

    Review Rating

I've been using Squidix for nearly a year now,

and I have no complaints about their service. If

you need any help, they respond very quickly

with very friendly staff. Their products are a

good price and excellent quality. Nothing bad

to say about the company at all.


    Review Rating

I HIGHLY recommend Squidix. Their support is fast, and always right - unlike the big giants in the hosting industry where you can get different answers every time you contact them. I manage more than 50 websites, and I've tried multiple hosts. If you use WordPress for your website or blog, you will notice a remarkable improvement in speed both from the admin/edit interface and public navigation side of the site. Since Squidix has expert support and super fast servers, I'll soon be migrating all of my websites to them. Thank you Squidix!


    Review Rating

I haven't hosted with Squidix for a long time, but it doesn't take long to see if a host is good or bad either....and Squidix is good: the sites I host with them are blazing fast, and I've yet to see them down; I've yet to have a reason to contact support, as I've never had issues so far.

A definitely recommended host.

    Review Rating

Fast, reliable hosting with impeccable support? What more can you ask for? There are just so many hosting companies out there these days that it can become quite frustrating to find one whose quality AND service you can trust. Having run this blog for almost a decade now, I have been with many web hosts over the years as my site continues to grow (and experiences its own share of server growing pains!)...and Squidix is definitely the best I've tried so far. What really sets it apart from the others is the quick, personalized service. With Squidix, I know that they're truly looking out for my best interests and my full satisfaction!

App Shah

    Review Rating

It's been almost a month I moved to Squidix. So far no complaints and no down time. Page loading speed is my highest priority and I'm very well pleased with it. So far one of the finest web hosting service I could recommend.

Dylan Houser Production

    Review Rating

This company has been pretty fantastic compared to our last host. Not only were they cheaper, but helped me fix the problems the last host caused.

I HIGHLY recommend them!

    Review Rating

I've been using this host for about 5 months and i'm very satisfied with the service. Top!

Studio Johnhenry

    Review Rating

Very reliable up time, c-panel represents a high level of customization and set up options. Squidix interface is straight forward and logical— without the cuddling "sales oriented spin and spend" style of the larger providers. I would recommend these guys for all users who have a basic knowledge of domain and web hosting services.


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