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Stream101 has been around since 2002 and has helped hundreds of online radio stations succeed on the internet. After being taken under new management in 2006, Stream101 has made countless improvements to it’s servers and software. In additon to the new management, Stream101 began offering FREE Auto-DJ to all of it’s SHOUTcast clients in July 2007, and began offering Web Hosting to not only it’s SHOUTcast clients, but everyone in June of 2008. Stream101 is determined to provide quality media services to companies & individuals looking for professional and dependable streaming services.

Stream101 strives to achieve excellent uptime and has worked very hard to keep the uptime at the highest level. We operate on only the best servers with the highest quality of bandwidth. Our hard work payed off for the year of 2008 when we recieved our Broadcasting World Best Uptime Award.

Michigan USA


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Jim C

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I've been with Stream101 for approx seven months. This is by far the most reliable web host I have ever used.

They have rock solid reliability/uptime and highly consistent network performance.

I have a download test file on my site that I use to check-up on their network performance every so often. The speed, latency and throughput jitter have all been superior to just about any network I've tested.

I've only used it a couple of times, but their support team is also top-notch and ultra responsive.

From my perspective, they are the perfect host. So far, there is such a thing!

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