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Streamline.net is now part of Fasthosts Internet.

Streamline.Net was originally launched in 1999 as a diversification of its parent company, Dollamore Ltd. With thousands of customers worldwide we are now recognized as one of the fastest growing budget hosts in the UK. With this growth has come great stability, which is the most important asset of any hosting company.


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Hosting Reviews for Streamline


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I'm going to keep this really brief. I am writing this review because I have just bought new hosting from another company, Rochen. I hated Streamline, they are better than some but not at all great. My site was offline quite a lot, very slow page loads, terrible email (many times no connection could be made to email) and overloaded database servers.

Only use this site if you are a web novice looking to set up a small non database driven static website. I would not recommend them, even their own website was poorly coded, lots off layout errors across different browsers.

As I said, a really brief review, I'm not going to justify my opinion just let it be known I would not recommend them

    Review Rating

www.streamline.net is a very low cost 'no frills' server company.

I have been with streamline for about 2 years.

I run a couple of community based websites that are quite database intensive and contain a lot of files.

I have had problems with streamline, but when they realised i wasnt going to back off i had a personal phone call from the company director who was very helpful.

Their server is rarely down...and when it has been it isnt for more than an hour or so. It has been down maybe twice since i have been with them.

You cant create your own databases, they create them for you when you request them. There is a basic control panel where you can manage email accounts etc. It isnt fantastic, but you get what you pay for and its very good value for money!

Weakest point i would say is communication. They only have a support ticket system, which can result in some very generic answers. When they cant deal with your query, they pass it onto engeneers who are much more of a personal service.

Strongest Point would be reliability and cost (i pay £67.98 for 2 year 'Unlimited' package). Their customer service can be very poor for some things, but if you stay calm and respectful they will go out of their way to help you.


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I am a non IT professional who produced a website with frontpage for my local institute. A colleague arranged for Streamline to host the site. I used FTP to upload my site to streamline but wanted to add a feedback form to my site. The books I read said I needed to have frontpage extensions installed for this to work so we paid £25 to get the extentsions added to oue account. However I just can't get frontpage to connect to the remote server. I keep getting an error message saying "Unable to open" Numeroes questions have been put to streamline via their support ticket system, but the answers are poor and just pasted from a script I suspect. This has been going on for a month now and is still not resolved!


    Review Rating

They cheated me. They did not give back my money.

Horrible service and pathetic customer support

Matt Quinn

    Review Rating

After almost 18 months of relatively trouble-free service I'm locked out of my streamline account! It seems someone has got into the account and changed the password and contact details. There's no way to contact steamline support except by logging into the account and taking a support ticket! MADNESS! Still, they have my money and I don't suppose they give a ****!

Caroline Picking

    Review Rating

Utterly utterly hopeless. They took my money quickly enough but they aren't providing a service anywhere near good enough. Over 2 weeks and nothing from support except "an engineer is looking into it". But nothing happens and nothing gets better. The site is *hopeless*. You often have to hit 'refresh' 3 times just to get the home page to come up. We've provided evidence that the issue is slow communication between server and SQL database, but still nothing happens. We run a forum and 9 times out of 10 if you submit a post, you get a blank screen in response. On a bad day (they're never good, but they do vary) every other button you click ends up with a "page not found error". Click 'refresh' once or twice and it'll come up. The site is really not fit for purpose and Streamline's communication is diabolical. I recommend you avoid them like the plague.

    Review Rating

very angrey i went with them poor service very very slow website and nothing done about it when i email them to sum it up rubbish.


    Review Rating

Have used blackfoot - great company - was wooed by streamline'r pricing - but php pages often come back with an error and you can't park several domains to one main domain which is not good for me. asked for a refund and they said no. So have to charge back - make sure you pay by credit card.

Robert Crisp

    Review Rating

Whatever you do DO NOT give them a Debit or Credit Card Number.

It is well documented (Google them) that www.streamline.net repeatedly charge your Debit or Credit card for Goods and Services that are never supplied.

So, be warned, avoid like the plague!

    Review Rating

I signed up for hosting with streamline.net and was hoping to use their services as a backup, however I received an email from them stating that I would have to cancel my hosting with fasthosts.co.uk as streamline.net were fasthosts resellers.

I replied to the email asking for the order to be cancelled, to which they agreed.

Months later I had an unusual charge to my debit card of £80 for streamline.net, streamline.net had set up a mythical ultra reseller package and were trying to bill my card for £80/month.

They did the same to a lot of other people whos card details they still held.


    Review Rating

This hosting company has got to be and are, the worst hosting I have ever had to deal with. OK their prices are average, but their services have a lot to be desired. Customer support is so poor its embarrassing.

Their servers have possibly had more 'Time Out' than I've had hot dinners.

I would NOT recommend this hosting company to any one, they have left a very sour taste in my mouth....don't let it be yours also.


    Review Rating

i dont know how they get away with it, and why their credit card processor allows this.

constantly take unauthorised payments, never reply to payment queries and ignore requests to cancel accounts.

dont support database applications ie joomla, php board etc and they just wont work

only any use for a very basic site

why dont people like trading standards do their job and close firms like this down?


    Review Rating

Streamline in my experience is unreliable. I suffered from massive downtime periods. For the 3 weeks before moving to a new host my site was down almost 15 hours. I was never given an explanation as to why this happened in fact there was no reply from their support until my site was back on line and then they just said that everything was ok.I continually had Fast CGI errors which meant that my site was unavailable and have since been told that this can be due to overstreching server resources at the expense of the customer.

When I migrated to a new host and cancelled Streamline they said I would be refunded with the outstanding amount. Exactly the opposite happened as they initially took another payment off my card after the cancellation date (they keep your card number and take payment without letting you know!!!!).

Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware - don't just take my word for the way Streamline will treat you search the reviews and try to find a good one about them.


    Review Rating

I am currently moving all websites to other company due large amount of complaints from my clients.Ok for simple html projects stay away if planning to install any CMS on their shared webspace. Everyday Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress pages are comming back blank, databases extremly slow. Also had several issues with unauthorized credit card charges. Don't even bother to try them!

Hakan Koseoglu

    Review Rating

Avoid avoid avoid. Trying to cancel the account took almost a month. Never got a reply to a ticket earlier than a week. Forget about phone support. If the single guy at the phone is taking a break, you'll have no chance. They also tried to charge me again and again, inc. when I had paid two years in advance, I got a new charge every six months. Most unprofessional.

Isla McCormick

    Review Rating

Streamline hosting is poor in all accounts. When trying to move hosting, they wanted me to pay £75 (the cost to renew the hosting, which I no longer required) in order for them to change the DNS server and IPSTAG details which I was so insulted about. It is literally a 2 minute job to change these.

I am now in the process of getting Nominet involved as they do not seem to be budging from this decision.

Avoid Streamline at all costs, poor and delayed communication which most of the time makes no sense in English. They are not the cheapest or helpful.


    Review Rating

Client originally purchased the hosting for their site. Hosting and domain needed renewing, renewal price of £131. Renewal date passed and streamline blocked access to the control panel. and would only unblock on paying the bill. I enquired about moving onto the cheapest package (Starter) as the client originally purchased a 'Plus' package - before I got contracted to redesign their site.

Sent numerous emails on behalf of the client only a few replies, the majority of which said 'pay the bill'. All I wanted was an EPP code to transfer the domain, which they wouldn't give me and kept saying I could only access it from the control panel. They also said that they only have the same access I do to the control panel until the bill was paid. Other problems included PHP not working on the server and they were insisting that it was.

They are the cheapest which I've found now (since the host I use put their prices up by £10 due to server upgrades - still excellent value for money). Streamline's service is slow, and didn't respond to the majority of my emails - its as if they don't care about their customers.

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