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We offer Offshore bitcoin hosting in major Offshore zones. Our Offshore servers are backed by branded hardware, 24/7 support team and dedicated 99.99% uptime offshore network. We promise to deliver you the best offshore dedicated servers in the web hosting industry that you can get with BITCOIN or LITECOIN.

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Hosting Reviews for Superbithost.com

Frank E. Adler

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I decided to write a review where I could share my experience dealing with SuperbitHost and their team.

I think they provide one of the best offshore hosting I had, and I have been with them long time. I needed an offshore server close to the target of my audience in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

So I've done a search and found positive feedbacks about Superbithost and decided to give them a try. Having ordered the server, their support contacted me immediately and said if I needed any help. Well, I must say that they have spent over an hour helping me with setup and all the staff. +++ to their support service - it is perfect.

As for the price, it is quite ok for what I got. They accept Bitcoin, this is what I also like.

They offered me SSL Certificates at a good price.

I am happy with everything - uptime, speed, pricing, features, payment, 24/7 customer support. Thank you, guys. Steady so!

Yannick Brink

    Review Rating

I would like to express the point that Superbithost.com is totally super hosting solutions for those webmasters who want to host their applications. I host Revive Adserver application with them, their team helped me with setup, it took over 15 minutes or so. My site is sorealwording(dot)club - I am happy to have built it. And I chose really good professional host.

They offer so many useful features for this and I must say that these factors impressed me a lot:

- Perfect Server and Network Uptime (they offer 99.9% guarantee, but for me it is 100%)

- Super Fast Speed Connectivity (this is due to their fast processors)

- Customer Support is Very Professional (they work 24/7, they know what they do, they are experts)

- So Many Useful Features & Scripts (just can say - your sites will be in good hands without any doubt)

- Pricing is reasonable (you will get what you pay for)

Personally I am totally satisfied with the service, its hosting as well as customer support.

Recommend this host to others. Double Thumbs Up!


    Review Rating

Long story short. I have web hosting account with Superbithost and use that for the WP blog of mine. I used Bitcoin as payment method to start using them - they accepted that with no problem. Next 30 seconds and I got my account details. Installation was easy as they use Softaculous. Then I setup everything and start using them.

I have 2 emails at my domain name hosted with them - no delays, no problems, no span related issues. I have no downtime so far. I have not got a chance to use their support as everything work as Swiss brand watch.

I moved to them from another host - now I have almost same level of service and I need to pay for that less then I used to.

Good and fast service, lovely prices. I bet I do not need more!


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Superbithost.com is a very reliable host, and their customer service people are very helpful and knowledgeable. I have the computer skills of a gnat when it comes to websites, but superbithost people have helped with every problem so that I can keep my website up and running smoothly. I update my website weekly and I never have any problems with the updates.

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