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Swvps.com is home of one of the most cost effective Virtual Private Server solutions available on the internet. Swvps entry level VPS packages are so competitively priced, they even compare to standard shared web hosting packages but with more flexibility and security!

If a VPS is not enough for you..Swvps also offer a great range of powerful, fully dedicated web servers for you to choose from with knockout prices.

All hardware equipment is owned by us, we are not resellers. All services provided by Swvps.com are in USA. All VPS packages can be upgraded with no setup cost. All packages include a web based stop/start/restart utility for your VPS or Dedicated server.


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Hosting Reviews for SWvps

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I think they're probably ok for "fire and forget" kind of web hosting. But I needed a vps for collaborative development, and I knew right away every time they were down, and they were down A LOT. Sometimes for hours. With very bad excuses. Avoid.


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this is probably one of the worst vps providesr I have dealt with. do not use them, they are a one man show. server goes down all the time and I log a critical ticket and they come back "server is running". This is 12 hours later... stay away from them, I will be switching. have been with them for less than 2 months.


    Review Rating

VPS start - over 2 days.

Moneyback (reply from billing center) - over 1 day.

Tech support (reply) - over 2 days...

Jerome Starck

    Review Rating

A real SCAM

Never trust this SWVPS.

No need to bother sending emails, live chat no response at all. live chat is online is FAKE.

No need also to ask a refund you won't have it (same as service).

Cheaters only...


    Review Rating

As stated by previous users this company is not at all anything that the promise in their advertisements or on their home page. Their support is horrible and try to get me to download third party services to check my connection to the server. problem is its not only my connection as I run my servers with 2 other friends in different parts of the world and even their connection to the server is horrible. but they insist the server is up and accepting connections. when I can gain access after 15 minutes of a loading screen to get into my web console to try and boot my server it tells me the server was booted but when I refresh and wait another 15 minutes for it to load the server says its still down. this has gone on for about a month and a half. I don't recommend using their services at all they are a scam and hope they go out of business. I suggest nfoservers or a few other great companies out there that do cost a little bit more but you get what they promise you. I'm in no way affiliated with nfo just a company I have went through several times and never disappoint.


    Review Rating

Wins the award for worst host on the planet. Do not use under any circumstances. VPS disappear with data loss for good with the reason 'hard disk has failed'. Support does not reply for up to 5 days, sometimes never. Having a VPS you are paying for down for 10 days is no laughing matter and even worse when there is NO telephone number to call and NOBODY answers support tickets for 3-10 days at a time. Complete garbage, stay away


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Dont use them if you have mission critical software running. They have Zero support if your VPS goes down. I currently run mt4 terminals with Auto systems and now down for 2 days with no response is very bad. Pay a bit more and atleast have piece of mind


    Review Rating

They are 100% scammers. The VPS turns unavailable frequently and they take several days to fix the problem once you open a ticket at the technical support. For example, right now, after fourteen days unavailable to use my VPS, they still do nothing (no answers, no technical service, ….).

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