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TekTonic business began in 1997 as a shell account and email hosting company. Today, we are a global company, servicing more than 5,000 clients. While many hosting companies and ISP's have failed, merged or re-organized in the last three years, TekTonic has experienced exponential growth and has been profitable since inception.



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Hosting Reviews for Tektonic


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One of the best VPS hosts I worked with. Tech support guys know what they are doing and most issues are fixed on Live Chat.

A few minutes (about 5) of downtime because of the server was DDOSed I don't think it's pretty bad in a month.

256MB RAM for 15$ is also not bad at all.

I'm also managing an 1GB RAM VPS for a friend that's also with Tektonic.

Curtis Turner

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I've been using Tektonic for a few years now, and their service has been superb. The only outages experienced were due to backbone provider outages. Their technical support staff knows their business, and myself and my clients are happy with all of our dealings with them. I have no intention of switching away from them any time soon.


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I've hosted multiple VPS accounts with these guys for the past 2 years. Over the past few months they've gotten progressively worse in reliability and support.

Over the last 2 months we had uptime of about 83%. All attributed to vague reasons with no reassurance of long term fixes.

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