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Temok has been providing quality Web Hosting services since 2014. Our Goal at Temok is to provide high quality managed web hosting services at the lowest possible rate and the highest customer satisfaction.

We focus mainly on uptime and client satisfaction, with the fastest servers on the market and an equally fast support team, our performance is second to none. A unique aspect of our company is the high level of support that is guaranteed with all the plans we have available.

Our diversified, well-trained and motivated talent pool work cohesively to deliver solutions around the clock 24/7, to provide recognized global results to our clients. Our technical support team sets us apart from other hosting companies and makes us the preferred choice of individuals and businesses worldwide.


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Hosting Reviews for Temok

C. White

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I'm a satisfied customer of Temok. Its been almost a year now that I'm using their service. They have perfect uptime and support. Highly recommended.

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Very good prices for VPS servers. I transfered 8 from 11 websites to this host. They charge now money for site transfers. Temok will always be there to help you with many tehcnical issues, i had with my emails, DNS and other smaller issues after the hosting change.

i noticed they have most of the domain names you can buy this days, around 200 i guess..

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