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Hosting Reviews for Tiger Technologies

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Tiger Tech's customer support is phenomenal.

They almost always respond and resolve questions and problems within a half-hour, even when the issue isn’t hosting related-- they have helped me track down support for scripts and other resources, often providing detailed, focused advice for implementation.

Tiger Tech works with you at your current level, but they can also support you as your knowledge and questions grow more advanced. When I began hosting my first site with them, I had a rudimentary grasp of HTML and CSS, but the world of PHP, MySQL, and Linux was way beyond my interest or ability. As I got used to working with these and other tools, I found that Tiger Tech’s shell setup and domain control panel reflected the solid file-system and database access I was accustomed to in my Mac OS 10/Darwin based development environment. Other hosts I worked with on client projects always had quirky and incomplete support for client access to these tools, if there was support at all.

Tiger is a very competent, professional hosting provider that cares about the security and privacy of their clients. Every other hosting provider I have worked with for personal or client projects has compared poorly with Tiger Tech’s magnificent customer support and solid, professional setup.

Leon B

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These guys really are the best. Give them a try and you will see what great customer support is and awesome value.

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Tiger tech host defamatory websites. Their CEO Robert Mathews doesn't care unless theres a court order stopping him making a buck. Despite their purporting to be ethical, Tiger Tech is in fact Robert Mathews personal pillar of filth. As long as the cash is good, it seems anything goes. What next, child pornography, bestiality, slasher sites. Robert, have some decency and follow the teachings of Dr King, don't be one of the silent masses, but rather stand up for what is right. Don't wait for a court order to interpret right and wrong for you.

As for users, if you have ethics, then go elsewhere. This is not the company for you. The rest - go for it. They provide good service and have good tech. It's very shiny and sparkly. Go for it.

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