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TMDHosting Company was founded by a strong team of highly-experienced people who have spent most of their professional career in the IT sphere. TMDHosting is a hosting company meeting the growing needs of its clients, offering the latest technologies on the market, and providing exceptional customer care while keeping its prices affordable. This is how TMDHosting was founded.


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Hosting Reviews for TMDHosting

Bob Kalk

    Review Rating

When I broke my site, TMD went about restoring it with a sense of urgency. I experienced minimal downtime even though it was my error.


    Review Rating

I've had a reseller account on a 6 node VPS with TMD for over 2 years, and shared hosting account for about 6 months prior to the VPS. They have been absolutely wonderful, for the most part. I've had a billing issue, and an outage, both of which were remedied immediately. I've spoken to a couple of them on the phone, and I'm unable to determine if support is located in the US (sounded like eastern european accents to me), but either way, they have always promptly taken care of problems or script installs for me. I have about 20 of my IT support clients' websites running on my TMD VPS, and they have had no complaints except for the brief outage we experienced earlier this year (router at the data center had a bad route, which they fixed within 10 minutes of me submitting a request). I've never had a support ticket that wasn't responded to within 20 minutes, and resolved within an hour.


    Review Rating

Have only been a customer of TMD Hosting for a short time but I have to say their customer service is incredible!

I am not a technical-minded person and they have walked me through everything I've needed to make my hosting experience with them a great experience!

    Review Rating

The Support is fantastic... speed of response is second to none! I am extremely happy with the service provided.

    Review Rating

I have contacted TMD hosting on several occasions for help. They have always responded very quickly and resolved my problems ASAP.

I highly recommend TMD Hosting.

Their service is just the best.

Gbolahan Abiola

    Review Rating

The sales and Technical are purely professional and timely. Thank you for being there. I hope you continue this way.

Gbolahan, Lagos,NG

John L.

    Review Rating

I have only great words for TMD Hosting. Incredible price - Fantastic offer - Impressive speed - Amazing support. Highly recommended!! A++++++++++


    Review Rating

I have been with DMD for a few years now after trying many hosting companies. I have to give credit to this company they take their customers first and go extra miles to fix anything for you even if it it caused by your negligence. They just want to keep you happy.

The team works round the clock and will never show frustration no matter how far you push them. I think among all the hosting companies I have used, none comes a 20 foot close to TMD and their technical staff. Please don't change and keep up the good job

    Review Rating

Tech support is really awesome!! Fast response and always help us out when there's a problem. I'm sure my online business can run smooth with them :)

- Jorrell Ang, CEO, Jutsu Graphic Design

    Review Rating

Been with TMDhosting for the last 4-5 years and I dont think I will leave soon. Support is top notch. Reliability is almost 97% its just in a few instances that the server has a glitch but such are address immediately. What I appreciate most is the installation service for any script. The ticket response is 100% top notch. I have not found a service comparable. I was first with hostgator. So TMD is highly recommended!

Rohin K, Capt, USAF

    Review Rating


This hosting service has outstanding customer support. I have had over 5 issues resolved in less than 12 hrs. With zero downtown to my site.

Outstanding help and explanation.

Outstanding professionalism.

Very high customer value per dollar spent.


Capt K

    Review Rating

Tmd hosting is my lifesaver , their support is amazingly helpful and so informative, they have been helping me non stop for a over a year , what i love most about them is their quick sufficient reply that always satisfy me , the server is really fast and i never experienced any down time , the price is really helpful , Tmd hosting is a really great company and they have all the qualifications to be successful

    Review Rating

TMDhosting give us excellent services. I often have my application problem, then I sent ticket to Technical Support Team

of TMDHosting.com. The Technical Support Team gave excellent solution, accurately and rapidly. Thank a lot for TMDhosting Team.

pastor tim

    Review Rating

you guys rock if every company was like yours, we would have a better world. you guys are prompt and courteous


Pastor Tim


    Review Rating

The other day I renewed my account with TDMhosting. This is the first time that I am renewing my account with any comoany after 1 year, ever since 2000. The support team members have always given me the feeling that I am communicating with my personal friends.


    Review Rating

Very good customer support!

Andreas Mitterer

    Review Rating

really really great support. im come from germany and this price is a dream with unlimited storrage and traffic. in germany or europe we pay so over 100$. Its perfect. Support is very very fast. everytime everyday TMDHosting

Andreas K.

    Review Rating

TMDHosting is a very good Hoster, the Support is very nice and helpfull and the Price for this Service is also perfect. I use Boonex and it runs very good. I find it great, that the RMS is in the Price included. The Support answers in few minutes. I can this Hoster recommend.

James Lewis

    Review Rating

I have used another hosting provider for 10 years +. I switched recently after trying to find a suitable host for a shopping cart I wanted to use. I noticed the price was miles more competitive and the switch was really easy. The customer services is excellent. Very VERY fast answers to technical support tickets. I dont think theres any questions I have asked that the tech support couldnt help with.

Ive submited lots of tickets which have had an answer within 5 minutes.

This company is by far the best I have ever used.Highly recommend.


    Review Rating

The instant revert on queries raised and help rendered by team TMDHosting and Morgan Collins is amazing. Going the extra mile to assist and resolve issues within a few minutes is indeed commendable. Thanks a ton for validating my decision to avail TMDHosting's services. Great job guys....keep it up!

Lana Al-Attar

    Review Rating

TMD are amazing, on boarding was a breeze. Getting sites set up happens so quick. I am able to charge more per hour and have so much more done! My clients love me!!!

I'm not as tech savvy as I'd like to be... TMD's support help out and point me to the right direction every time when it comes to website issues....

I love them... it's very different from the last few hosting providers I've had <3

    Review Rating

Not the first time with TMDhosting,but i used to do this because of my job as an assistant,i never really experience it,this time i do the website for my own business,i bought it only because it's cheap,i don't know how about it,so i don't want to risk too much money.I started this 2 days ago,many many problems,i don't know how to fix it,everytime,whatever daytime or midnight,there is always a guy help me patiently,and they always solved my problems no more than 1 hour,no more than 50usd,i get everything,awesome!!!I will choose TMDhosting in future!

    Review Rating

The support team are available 24/7 and normally get the job done in a few minutes. We have had countless problems solved, normally with the software we have installed, something they are not even supposed to be responsible for. Pricing is spot on although can change depending on domain name. Price per year includes the support package.

Andreas K.

    Review Rating

I used TMD since few months, and i am now also very satisfied. The support is everytime friendly and i ask them sometimes many^^ My english is also not perfect, and i help me oft with google, but the support known what i mean, only sometimes, i must ask again, but this is ok. So, i have a good time since i be by TMD, i have no server crashes or hacker attacks, my site really works good with boonex and it costs many ressources when users take the videochat, but the performance is everytime good. I never get a bad word, because my site is to big, or needs to many ressources. So, i think, after 6 months, TMD is/was my best option for good boonex hosting and friendly support. Sorry, for my bad english...

    Review Rating

TMDHosting has been providing hosting service for me for 2 years and I love them! The support team is available 24/7. I'm not tech savvy and they have always resolved any issues that I have had within a few minutes. Their service is invaluable, quick, friendly and professional. TMDHosting is the best in everything: Service, Pricing, Reliability, and Features. I will not change my hosting service as long as they're in business!

    Review Rating

tmdhosting is my first and last choice , i have been with them for 3 years now and i never regret for choosing them , they are simply very nice and always helpful , really top-notch quality of support , i highly recommend you to try their serivce specially their prices are really helpful :) ;)


    Review Rating

I have had my site on a couple of hosts and changed to TMD as their pricing was better than just competitive. I am no genius when it comes to using FTP and have found myself calling on their tech team on several occasions.

I have always found them to be fast and efficient and as I seldom bother to write reviews you can assume that I am still very impressed to be doing so now.

When I was asked to create a web page for a friend I went straight to TMD and I will continue to both use and recommend them to everyone.

    Review Rating

TMD Hosting continues to exceed all expectation! The support teams dedication to working with you is absolutely amazing. Anytime we run into a problem that is a bit beyond our capabilities we know that we can rely on TMD Hosting to make things happen. Always a pleasant experience. This company and it's staff is A++++ in our book and would even dream of using any other. Thanks TMD for being a part of our businesses growth.

Paul M. Miles

    Review Rating

I am a new customer to TMDHOsting and I have recently purchased my hosting plan with them. Believe me, they are the best hosting provider. My GTMetrix Score is also improved since I am hosted with them. The uptime and the server speed are excellet + they provide free SSL!

Mr. Payne

    Review Rating

I am using TMD as my main hosting provider since June this year. I have been recommended to move my website from my friend who is hosted at TMD for a year or so. The migration to TMD was very good as take care of the whole process, including the migration of my emails and databases. They have also changed the nameservers for my domains as I have requested so. In the past few months, the position of my website on google is increased and this could be the reason as my website is faster now. In the next few days, all my hosting packages will be moved to tmd. Overall, excellent experience with a real customer-care support.

James Henley

    Review Rating

I have been so happy with TMD. They really are the best for support. I also feel like I get a lot of bang for my buck. I've been with them since 2014 and will never use anyone else. My customers and I (I'm a web developer) have always been extremely satisfied with the services and all interactions with the company.

Paul Kelly

    Review Rating

TMD is the host for my websites for more than 2 years. I am extremely satisfied by their support as their techs are able to handle and assist me with almost all requests submitted. They are also very kind and assist with the restore of the backup for free, which was paid service on my previous host. From recently, they are giving SSL certificates with their plans for free, which is a great!!! I will always be thankful to John Rogers who assisted me in solving so much troubles with my website. Thanks guys!

Shanell Johnson

    Review Rating

I have been using tmdhosting for 2 years and I am very satisfied with the support which they provide. The overall speed of my website is excellent. Thanks to Ned as he helped me a lot in the past few days in order to restore normal functionality of my website. Thanks TMD

Denise Garner

    Review Rating

TMD is great they have assisted me with transferring 6 of my websites, I am very satisfied with TMD and my websites are loading much faster than with hostgator.. also they provided me with free ssl certificate. Thanks

Bruce Collins

    Review Rating

If you need great hosting provider, choose TMD. Overall experience is excellent, the speed of website is great, they are offering SSL certificate. On the top of everything, their support team is the best I have dealt with (I am using web hosting for 9 years). Thank you TMD hosting, you are the best!

Lloyd K. Christie

    Review Rating

First of all, I was impressed by the price of the shared hosting which TMD offers. Their cheapest package is only 45$ which includes domain (as long as you are using their hosting). Another thing which I like is the level of their support, as they will assist you with almost all requests within a few minutes or so -- this is the part where I had bad experience with other hosting providers. A++++ is my overall rating!

Carmen Pfeifer

    Review Rating

I have been using TMDHosting for just over an year now and I found them to be reliable, fast, efficient and most importantly, customer focussed. The price for VPS server is great, as it includes cpanel license and it is fully managed. More important, the support provided by them is the best I dealt with.

prabhat doley

    Review Rating

one of the best customer support you will receive.they are very developer friendly every time i submit a support ticket they acts with lightning fast.they not only help to solve the problem but also describes the cause of the problem,they are fast,efficient and cheap.i tried many nulled softwares just to testdrive the functionality of the softwares.everytime i face some problem they helps me.i tried almost 40 to 50 scripts in their shared hosting plan which is $3.85/ month.their support system is great above average....but their vps pricing is little bit costlier...hope they will lower it for vps hosting starters...


    Review Rating

The technical support folks have been working directly with me on configuration issues such as DOMAIN transfers of two sites etc.... I am running two Dolphin sites on this HOST and was told that the VPS servers here (my VPS account) would support video but I had the new 7.1.1 Dolphin template installed and video did not function nor did chat or several other modules that I am investigating. I am now installing two new templates but apparently during the initial installation of the original 7.1.1 the technical support folks forgot to remove the "install directory" which has caused a major conflict. I get the message: (Well done, mate! Dolphin is now installed.removal of the directory called "install" from your server and proceed to Admin Panel to install modules). This error has locked me out of the Admin control panel and I cannot reach my site.

Still working the issue before I ask for help. I would say after being with another host

;JustHost for over 12 years these folks are trying hard but need to polish up just a tad on things like Billing support, no refunds for high end clients using two or more sites! This is not good customer service as there are hundreds of HOST just waiting to help, they need to remember changing HOST is no big deal,but customer support is the backbone of any business from the professionals to the novices. Will see I have been here less then two weeks so this just my two cents.

    Review Rating

I've been working with this company for a little over a year now and I have to say their customer service is second to none. Every time I have a question or need their assistance I find them to be quick to answer and quick to act. I have no problems referring them.


    Review Rating

TMD hosting service is the best ...they have helped me with all my questions , I'm very happy with there customer service, defiantly recommendable!!

    Review Rating

I am now talking in particular about Morgan Collins, Level 2 Genius Support.

The website was out of service, and I almost reached a point that I need to redo it again. We had to meet our monthly targets which is based on our website and social media. No one gave me a sign of hope that I can recover the website.

Morgan can in without asking him, took initiative, and stayed with us until he recovered our website for us, saving us bug time.

Angle he is. I will with tmdhosting because this man is there.

Thanks a million


    Review Rating

I found that for tech support they have only ticket system ....we can not speak with them directly ...but they did ans my all...tons of question and It felt good ...no issues so far

    Review Rating

we have been using them for a couple of years and still and we are really happy with there service and 24 hours support.

Ethioz Team.

Todd Strong

    Review Rating

It is impossible to contact anyone in billing directly. Apparently their billing department does not have phones on their desks, and no ability to IM anyone. If you need to contact billing, you have to submit a ticket... which means they only respond if and when they want to. Their billing department is the only department that initiate domain transfers... and despite being told for days on end that their approval email was not received they would not provide any reason as to why, if it was actually sent, nor any proof at our attorney's request. Instead, after taking a full day to respond each time to a "ticket" they insisted they could only send the approval email to that address on the current registrar. Well no kidding, really? At their persistence we changed that email to another one with the registrar... and an hour later the email showed up. After approving it we were then told they have a 5 day waiting period they must wait for until they can re-initiate a transfer again, yet somehow within an hour of changing an email address it was suddenly no problem. Funny thing is a response from another employee hinted at the fact that the approval email was never really sent out in the first place. Needless to say, here it is now a week later, and over 48 hrs. since the domain transfer was authorized.... not transferred yet. It has also been 2 days since we have received ANY response to "tickets."

Now here we are stuck waiting for them or their registrar to get their act together and then stuck with them another 60 days before we transfer again and have nothing to do with TMD anymore.

By and far its the worst customer service we've ever experienced hands down.

    Review Rating

TMDHosting staff have been a great support to over the past few month's. As a novice i need the kind of support given by ALL the staff at TMD. They give it to me Quickly,Politely and Freely. Its the extra touch that makes me happy.

Thanks You


w tap

    Review Rating

Their billing dept billed me twice for the same bill for several months. I sent a ticket to the billing dept 3 days ago. No answer. It is escalated was the only response. Obviously their billing dept does not exist and it appears that i can kiss my refund good by.

Scott Hagerman

    Review Rating

HORRIBLE AND RUDE customer service. I have never delt with such incompetent people who call themselves professionals. Ive been lied to repeatedly, their tech support IS A JOKE! NOT TO MENTION IVE BEEN ASKING FOR A MANAGER FOR DAYS!!!!! I was just told that they werent going to even look at my ticket (30 contacts to resolve two issues they created in the last 8 days) because I wasnt grateful----grateful for what? Being lied to repeatedly? What about wasting days and days of my time? I dont need to be grateful for those things. IN FACT--I FREAKING PAID FOR SERVICE!!!! TMD SHOULD BE GRATEFUL TO ME!


    Review Rating

just 3 months of using TMDhosting, my website keeps going down, although the say their space is unlimited, my database cant be more than 150MB, more than 3 people cant be online at once. now they shut me down asking me to upgrade without any notice... asked for a refund and they said NO refund.

DONT USE THEM.. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!! i dont know why federal gov't dont arrest these kind of people. right now my site is down!! had to direct traffic to godaddy instant page telling them the site is under upgrade.

Suzannah Goldsack

    Review Rating

This is the best company I ave ever worked with. Their super,speedy tech department is wonderful.

Leon Roerich

    Review Rating

I have paid for hosting service for one year and registered domain name, after what I received a letter from sales department where they want me to get in chat “to activate my account”.

I have wasted 2 hours of my life and many nerves while one manager, further another tried to break my mind. These meatheads demanded me to perform phone talk in order “to verify customer to protect me from theft. Then I refused to talk, bustards told me that my account will not be activated without phone conversation. Then I finally told them what can’t talk because physical disability (I am dumb) they demanded to send them my scanned ID, completely pissed me off by it.

Who do hell you are? Police? FBI? CIA? to show you my ID? You just seller of damned hosting service, which I paid for UPFRONT!

And manager keep insisting on “well established standard procedures" in “my benefit”, they ask SOMEBODY to talk to the on my behalf (!!!).

I want you people to ask: In what kind of world we live in? Every lousy host provider trying to watch of we, want to see our personal information, want to know what is in our pockets or in our bed!

Damn their false politeness, false procedures and false smiles, damn false people!

NEVER use this provider or one day you will find what some lousy meathead has stole you life and soul.


    Review Rating

I signed up with TMDHosting using a special offer, but I had checked and knew my package’s renewal fee.

Today the renewal notice came...and it was almost double of what it should’ve been ($70 against $46), so I opened a ticket with their Billing office: the rep first tried to feed me some “we had to increase our rates” BS and offered me another so-called “special” price, still higher than the real renewal one; when I didn’t fall for that and politely made her notice that their packages are exactly the same as when I signed up, in both specs and above all price, she lowered the fee to the $46 I was supposed to pay...but making it look like she was doing me a incredibly huge favor.

I would’ve gladly paid $46, but I did not like the rep’s attitude...and was even more appalled at the blatant way TMDHosting tried to make me pay almost double of what I owed and I had to open a support ticket to address it; that’s truly shady, and I won’t stand for it.

So everybody beware: TMDHosting has shady billing practices, so be sure to calculate the renewal rate before signing up or they’ll try to invoice you a lot more than it’s actually due.

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