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TMZHosting was started on October 12, 2007. Since the first day our mission was to create a "Everyone should always be satisfied" environment on the website and in our offices. At TMZHosting we strongly believe that every one of us, as an individual should treat everyone as a friend and a customer.

We keep coming up with new services and hosting models while maintaining high level of quality and customer satisfaction at all times. At any time we have been, are and will be prepared to answer all of your questions whether they are from troubleshooting support, your web site improvement or just professional advice nature


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Hosting Reviews for TMZHosting

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After one month of using the VPS server I must say I,m impressed with this hoster. Response time on tickets is fast, needed a few times some help and they fixed everything for me.

I would recommand this hosting service to everyone

Me Unhappy

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I recently canceled my account after suffering from horrible up time and server issues on TMZPoxy Mega hosting package which ran 16.99 every month. The site was down more than it was up, lost SERPs, traffic and adsense revenue. My traffic dropped almost 80% and PR from 3 to 1. In 8 months, I had over 15 tickets for server DOWN issue and funny thing is I don't even have any monitoring service. The tickets were opened when I went to check how the site is working slow/fast and found it to be DOWN. Most of the times, the reponse I got was there is no problem, the site is up currently or we upgraded ram or disk replacement. Maybe I was unlucky to be hosted on a dead server ;-(. Would not recommend anyone to risk their business.

steve mackay

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I have been unable to get into cPanel or FTP for over 3 weeks now.

Raised several tickets - that either get ignored or closed.

Emails bounce back.

On line support always offline.

At my wits end wondering what I can do to get some help from these guus.


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They have very poor support ticket. They changed my ticket status to close without answering it after 7 days.


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Like few other reviewers bellow I have similar issues. They changed my cpanel password and I can not do anything with my account. Worse part - they do not reply to tickets. Its been 7 days already, imagine - I can not do anything with my sites for a week already. Anybody in hostingindustry knows that you should answer tickets fast, even 1 day is way too slow, but imagine 1 WEEK. And I have no idea when they will fix this.

Their thm hosting support forum is redirecting to mdd hosting support forum as well. Are they dumping their customers and trying to start "clean" under MDD hosting brand?

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