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TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd is a partner based, wholesale only supplier of domain names, hosting and other online services to a largely Australian reseller partner customer base. Our world class, cloud based infrastructure and platform has been in continuous operation since 1999.

On June 23rd 2011 the Distribute.IT customer base was acquired by TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd after a catastrophic loss of data following a security breach of the Distribute.IT systems. We have since migrated all Distribute.IT partners to our more secure, stable platform called the Partner Console. It offers partners the same core functionality on a more robust, secure environment.

On November 4th 2011 all PlanetDomain Resellers were migrated into TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd, more than doubling the overall size of the TPP Wholesale business.

Sydney, Australia

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Simply, the worst web hosting company in Australia bar none.

Francesca Pascoe

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I have been a web developer since 1997 and this is probably the worst service I have ever experienced. I have had clients with TPP Wholesale for many, many years but since CentralNic Group purchased the company the service has become atrocious.

The latest incident started on Saturday the 20th June 2021 when TPP cancelled one of my clients hosting accounts with NO WARNING. The account was on auto renew and had been for more than 10 years but TPP neglected to renew the account and instead of contacting me in any form to advise the service had not been renewed they just deleted everything. He has lost all his emails, files etc.

Three days later I am still trying to get them to restore his service and files even though they received payment immediately after they cancelled his account. So they have taken the money and are now not even providing a service on top of everything else they did.

This incident follows numerous other issues recently with TPP including double charging for domain renewals, sending notices that domains have expired even though they have taken payment for their renewal a month prior and on it goes. It is costing me a fortune due to the time I am spending trying to rectify this so I just want to warn everyone out there so you don’t get burnt like I have been.

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