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Unlike other web providers in the market TrentaHost is structured and priced differently, we don't offer useless features with our plans just so that we have an excuse to jack up the prices.

TrentaHost is bringing you Professional, Affordable and Quality Web Hosting services. We offer everything larger companies do and even more, but for only a fraction of the cost. We provides quality web hosting that includes Onshore/Offshore Shared Hosting, Onshore/Offshore Reseller, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Dedicated Server hosting and many more solutions for both individuals, organizations and businesses. TrentaHost provides Webhosting services at different locations around the globe located in major countries such as USA, United Kingdom and Romania.


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Guys i will like to share the horrible experience i had with trentahost. i started using trentahost towards the end of last year (2017). i began with their shared hosting plan which i used for a few months till my account was suspended and was then coerced to upgrade to a higher plan, at the end i was sweet talked into buying their OVZ-1024 around february 2018. By the way, the domain i used with them was "Naijadailyfeed" they will surely remember the evil they did when they see this post.

Based on my budget i settled for using vesta free cp for the vps plan i purchased. everything was setup, site was running smooth until April, 2months later when i got this error when i visited my site "error establishing a database connection". you all need to know that while i was being coerced to buy the ovz1024 plan, i wasn't informed that i wont be getting customer support service for any technical issues.

I then sent a mail to their support team, i waited for about 2 hours, i got no response so i proceeded to their website to make use of their live chat with the hopes that someone will attend to my request. Seth told me via live chat that i will be contacted, oh well i was contacted only 3 hours later. so guys it took trentahost 2 hours to even discover that i sent them a mail and 3 more hours before someone in trentahost decided to respond to my mail.

this was the mail i got 5 hours later:


Is this regarding naijadailyfeed.com? If yes, I can see that this domain is suspended due to high CPU usage.


Mason L"

i am here wondering how my domain was suspended because of high cpu usage while using a VPS plan. i never got any prior email informing me about any cpu usage. if really my account was suspended, its a different error message that would have shown on my website informing me to contact my webhost. this had nothing to do with website suspension but an error concerning database connection.

You all need to know that after getting that mail from mason, nobody from trentahost offerred to shed more light on the situation with my website. i sent numerous mails, to both their support, sales and management mail address, all of which were ignored. there after i got this mail from mason:


We have gone through the server. There is no cpanel installed on it, neither does it have any FTP/MySQL configure. This said, your website will obviously not work. Additionally, we do not provide assistance in such a setup. We basically assist with connectivity issues with VPS, but not with any technical problems.

I'd like to suggest here that you consider buying a cPanel license which will allow you to configure your websites easily. cPanel has FTP, MySQL, Apache and many other things pre-installed which makes the server management easy.

In your case, everything has to setup manually including DNS, Apache, FTP and MySQL which needs advanced technical knowledge and to which we do not provide assistance with.

Let me know if you have any questions further.


Mason L."

At this point mason was telling me that i had no bit of configuration on my site, no ftp no database etc. this got me wondering how come i dont have a database on my website, a website that has been functioning since February suddenly doesnt have a database? something must be fishy.

I pleaded and pleaded and pleaded with everyone on trentahost to help me reconfigure my site, no soul cared to help since they have refused to take responsibility for destroying my website and wiping out the contents of my site.

i even reinstalled wordpress on my server with a database but kept having a folder permission error, i begged mason to help me fix it but nobody cared to offer any assistance. i just kept wondering what kind of web hosting company is this? a company filled with heartless staffs that do not care about customer complaints.

All of these happened two months after i paid for a vps plan that costs $24 for a year. in my anger i insulted all the people at trentahost and decided to cancel the vps plan i had with them since its now useless ad trentahost have become irresponsible.

After the numerous mails and chats i sent to trentahost support team which had since fell on deaf ears and blind eyes, i then got this mail from their manager about 1 day later:


Firstly, there is no need to use coarse language within our support system and spam our livechat, we requested you to simply open a ticket and our agents will assist you.

Secondly, the OpenVZ VPS's are completely unmanaged if your website is not loading on it you'll need to seek the assistance of a Server Management company to set it up. We do not provide support for the VPS unless it's a KVM VPS. You would be better off on our Shared Hosting service, but as per our records you were put onto a VPS due to your resource usage on our shared hosting plan.

Lastly, your service is pending cancellation. If you want to try the webhosting and provide us the data we can get you setup on our webhosting where we do provide the support and assistance to help you with database issues.


Derek C

Manager of NOC Services"

Imagine a manager telling his customer that he spammed their livechat, when did begging for help and assistance several times after i have opened numerous support tickets via mail become spam? this is like the most insensitive response i got from someone who claims to be a manager at trentahost,

After everything, i told him i am no longer interested in whatever service they were offering. all the while i got no apology from nobody at trentahost for being ignored and treated poorly. son in the 30th of April i kissed the one year vps plan i had with trentahost goodbye which i only got to use for 2months and then they wiped out the database of my site.

After all the drama, you wouldnt believe the mail i got from these crooks called trentahost on the 21st of may 2018:

"This is a billing reminder that your invoice no. 51533 which was generated on Monday, May 14th, 2018 is due on Monday, May 28th, 2018.

Your payment method is: Creditcard/MasterCard/Visa

Invoice: 51533

Balance Due: $24.00 USD

Due Date: Monday, May 28th, 2018"

These thieves are still expecting me to repay for a service that i already cancelled and no longer using.

if you love yourself and your money, stay away from trentahost, do not do business with them. they are terrible, dishonest, lack empathy, lack customer service skills. they are inffective and unreliable.

for example, as a customer if you send them a mail, you wont get an instant response for hours till you contact them via their live chat. A word is enough for the wise, i wasted $24 on trentahost, please do not do the same.

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