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With so many web hosts on the internet today, there are lots of very good and very bad options to choose from. Most hosts look the same - and it's no wonder - these hosts don't have innovation or dedication of a serious web host like Ubiquity. But of course any web hosting company will tell you they're the best.. so unlike the masses of others - Ubiquity will show you in painstaking detail why Ubiquity is the right choice for your website.

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Hosting Reviews for Ubiquity Hosting

Chris M.

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i have had my dedicated server with them since around september. they were very helpful with transferring my site, answering my questions, etc. however, recently i was experiencing some trouble with my site and we could not figure out what was going on and how to fix it. however, clint and corey stepped up to the plate for several days (probably felt like forever with me asking a ton of questions during the whole process) and pin pointed the problem and solved it for me. the whole time i felt like i was the only customer they had since they were so quick to help out and respond to my questions. however we know that i am not their only customer, but it is amazing to get the feeling that you are when an issue comes up.


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Last October, however, they "accidentally deleted" our VPS, costing us thousands in down time and lost data. On top of that, in January they decided to charge us for the three previous months of unused service. No uptime percentage or amount of service can make up for a mistake like that.

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