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Umbrellar is New Zealand’s largest domain name and web hosting company

That's the short version. The longer explanation is that we’re full service: cloud hosting, web hosting, domain name management and more. We can build your infrastructure. House your hardware. Manage your hosting and backups and updates… or just provide you with a great domain name. Basically we can manage all your needs as a modern company in the digital age.

Small businesses, marketing agencies, fellow web specialists like SaaS developers and even the largest corporate enterprises – we take care of them all.

We know big doesn’t always mean better, but for us it does… How come?

Because of how we got so big. We brought together 10 of the best New Zealand domain name and web hosting brands, like Digiweb and Web Drive, pooled our expertise and created something great. Really great.

Now we have four data centres, experience dating back to 1997, 75,000 customers and over 255,000 domain names registered. Our clients span across New Zealand, Australia and Asia, and we provide the same exceptional service and continuous support for all of them.


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