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Underground Private first appeared in 2012. It is one of the most trust web companies on the Internet. Every day our company grows up and we have numerous of faithful customers that trust us. We understand hosting techology and customer privacy better than anybody and that can be shown in services and our support and not only in words.

What makes us different? And why you to choose us? Our first point is our customers privacy, support and satisfaction. With UndergroundPrivate hosting you have privacy & support & quality services 100%, you can choose us and see if it is all truth that we are writing, many companies just writing that they best and they not worth nothing.

Our servers are located in Romania .All Datacenters are built with high quality devices and have professional personnel for the maintenance and extension of their network.

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Hosting Reviews for UndergroundPrivate

Sint Loek

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Their support rocks, the best support ever had so many years now! These people are fantastic, also the line of their host and uptime is incredible. I do recommend to everyone this host, we love www.undergroundprivate.com


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i have 2 dedicated servers with them much months! no single downtime great speed support excellent and perfect on all, thank you!


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I am using your bulletproof vps and i can say its great. I really have to say that your customer support service was very outstanding meaning that you guys were very very excellent with support me as a customer. I thank you all underground team for a best support! I would just say a very humble Thank you to the team. (Highfive)


    Review Rating

This Webhost is definitely not worth!

I bought it for 1 month.

-> over 35% downtime

-> servers got suddenly shut down -> NO BACKUPS (all websites/all efforts gone)

(lol using France as Offshore with DMCA ignore, rly?)

-> they put no efforts to restore/recover lost data, because they give a fuck bout customers.

nevertheless, they got nice support, but that alone isnt by far enough.

Conclusion: VERY UNRELIABLE HOST (price is not worth. there are hosters where you pay only 2$ for a quartal and are 5 times more reliable and more uptime than this).

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