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UNIXy has been managing all aspect of servers and infrastructure on behalf of businesses and entrepreneurs since 2006. UNIXy offer fully managed server and hosting solutions. UNIXy pride ourselves in the work and effort UNIXy put in keeping your servers available and secure. UNIXy customers enjoy the benefits of stellar support and the fully managed service.


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Hosting Reviews for UNIXy

Robert Gunnells

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Technical support is great but has degraded in 2015 with delays. Billing support is non existent as I have never received a response to multiple tickets in 2 months.

Ian Shere

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Not used for hosting, but for their Varnish script. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, support. THE worst ever. Their ticketing system closes tickets for "not hearing from you in 128 days" when mine is the last reply and it's been 5-6 weeks. They were never able to fix my issue - had to resort to 3rd party to remove their useless script.

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