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Uplinkearth is a privately held, New Jersey based new-media marketing firm providing a full range of Internet solutions to Fortune 100 companies, Government Agencies and thousands of small to medium sized businesses in more than 50 countries. Uplinkearth provides full-scale Web design and development, Web hosting and innovative marketing solutions, uplinkearth enables its clients to outsource all of their Internet needs to one award-winning and reputable company.

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Hosting Reviews for Uplinkearth

Raul Estaka

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I could not agree with you more, I used to host with uplinkearth.com too and the service was the worst of any business I have ever experienced, not only that they really have no clue as to what they are doing, imagine this, I have a e-commerce site with a shopping cart, I except credit cards in live time through a secure server, when they made the move to the new servers they screwed up the DNS really bad and did not copy all my files over, so to fix this thier 'techs' decided they would change the source code of my shopping cart without even asking me, telling me or even making a backup and to make it even worse it was some of the worst programming I have ever seen and exposed thousands of my customers credit card numbers to the public and my server was still down for a month. I have so many other horror stories with uplinkearth.com I could go on for pages and pages but i'll sum it up..... if you want your life to be a living hell and your web presence to be destroyed then by all means do business with uplinkearth.com

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I own 3 websites at uplinkearth. Technical support is awful, they don't answer to the emails, I lost a domain name today because they did not anything.

They charge the credit cards without authorization and there's no way to stop this (unless your credit card expiration date is near...).

Please don't trust with this company, it's a large robbery.

I opened also today a file at the Fbi Internet Fraud Complaint website and hope it will do something to stop them.

Edward Schexnayder

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Awful. The technical support is borderline inept. I've been trying for a month (!) to log in to my account with no luck. I've received countless emails asking me to call and each time I've responded that I can't being overseas. A month later, no help what-so-ever. DO NOT USE!!!

Julio Velasco

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I've been using them for several years now, and I'm not happy with service and support. The only reason I haven't moved services is that I don't have the time to go through the process - but I intend to.

Charlotte Cicale

    Review Rating

STAY away from Uplinkearth if you want reliability and good customer service and support. All of a sudden your forms won't work and they will tell you three different reasons why, all of which tell you to recode something. They worked all ALONG but all stopped working at the same time. They make changes on the server and don't advise you. They are a MESS. Outsourced customer service is probably India? Who knows... they are not in America that is for sure.

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