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Veeble has been a major player in the Web Hosting Industry since 2009. Over a short and sweet span of just 5 years, having built a client base of over 5,000 from 130+ Countries, we have become one of the fastest growing web hosting and domain providers, powering more than 20,000 websites to date.

Weaving the Web, we weave a closer and reliable web with services complementing the fastest technology. With a team consisting of passionate young professionals who love to push the boundaries of technical competency, we have assisted entrepreneurs, businesses, marketers, bloggers, developers, designers and the lot to host their own website and let know the world the ideas they have to share.


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Hosting Reviews for Veeble.org

Nico Anderson

    Review Rating

Their customer service has always impressed me. The responses were always so quick, informative and polite. The issue was solved smoothly and I couldn't ask for a better service. I would highly recommend them.

Maja Duncan

    Review Rating

Veeble provides an exceptional quality service and features at an economical price. I’m a recently new costumer of Veeble and is totally satisfied with my package and hosts. Great provider!!

Teighan Reid

    Review Rating

Everything about Veeble is great!!! Price, Reliability, Support, Server, etc. and I don't have any regret hosting with them.

Amelie Gray

    Review Rating

Excellent service and understandable support which will not get anywhere. They have gentlemen called max in the support who really safe our jobs by courtesy renewal of domain till we got back to the track. Great thanks for his amazing support.

Tobias Jaeger

    Review Rating

100% satisfaction I got all the time with this hosting service. 100% recommend for anyone.

Kristian Weisz

    Review Rating

If you need a quality dedicated server, this is going to be the best option for you. From my experience they do a great job of keeping their servers up and running and don't have any trouble replacing hardware with the latest options when it is time. They are dedicated to customer experience at all times.

Sean Robson

    Review Rating

The best reliable and affordable web hosting company in the hosting market.

They are good in every aspect. Thanks and recommend to try them.

Malene Ostergaard

    Review Rating

Just started moving my sites from another hosting company that started to ignore service requests. I am been very impressed with Veeble service and speed. The sites are "snappy"! They have been making my life much easier and I

can't wait to have all of my sites transferred so I can go back to making money instead of fighting support issues.

Delmar Tessier

    Review Rating

I am using their dedicated hosting to support my business website and I am happy I have chosen them. They were recommended to me by another business owner and they said how reliable their site was. They are the cheapest option and the best in the IT industry.

Julie Olsen

    Review Rating

I've been using Veeble for 5 years already. Not complaints up to date. Not a single, at all! Site is always up and speed is just great.

Eva Stipanov

    Review Rating

The confidence I have in Veeble services and support is Exceptional. Great Job guys (Veeble's tech & support) ... Please keep it up.

Archie Myers

    Review Rating

I had asked more of an information seeking question and it was answered confidently and expertly. The rep went ahead and verified because of the wording of my question that he had answered it correctly with a more tenured rep.

I am very confident that this will help in our future hosting decisions.

Andrew Alexander

    Review Rating

I am very happy with their hosting service and Customer support. Usually, cheap web hosting services cause a lot of problems, but Veeble is a Cheap and Best Web Hosting service.

Michal Rýpar

    Review Rating

These guys go above and beyond, they do their work well.

Serafin Nowak

    Review Rating

Surely the best reason to chose them is their price, but when you see hosting with this kind of prices, you think Ah they surely have bad support team and won't response or you cant rely on them!

That's is exactly what I thought until I bought their preferred shared hosting plan, and until now, every things look ok and they have really good support team

Stanislav Bláha

    Review Rating

Overall this is an amazing company, They have rapid response on support tickets, they know what they are doing, website and billing sections are easy to navigate and checking out was easy!

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