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Since 1996, VIA Networks has been providing customers with comprehensive Managed Hosting solutions, including expert platform support for Microsoft technologies. VIA Networks deliver the People, Processes, Platform and Presence you need to compete in today's competitive global economy.

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Hosting Reviews for VIA Networks

Janaina Viggiano

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VIA has servers that work very well, and good connectivity, but there is something seriously wrong with the support. When you call sales, for a new purchase, and have to wait for 28m before finally reaching a voice mail box, you know that if you call support you are in for a 40m wait at least (as I have been, in the past). During the evenings, they support is rerouted to the UK, so if you call for a server restart (there is no restart panel), you wait for 20m to talk to someone who will then call someone in the US to ask for the restart.

Another issue is that support is often pushy with new products - I had a server for around 18 months that was running fine, until performance got a lot worse and tests we conducted pointed to the network card. Keep in mind this server already had 2 network cards installed; all I requested was that they switch it. I took over a week in calls to convince someone to do it, and had to threaten cancellation before it could be done, as support insisted that the problem was my server's hardware was too old to perform well (quite rudely, depending on which person I talked to). When they finally changed the network card, what do you know, it worked fine for 6 more months before I upgraded.

The service would be poor for unmanaged servers, but considered they sell them as managed, it is appalling. We are about to begin migration after hosting with them for 6 years for this reason (support got worse as time went by, and was good for the first 3 years).


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A follow up to my review. It took them 36 hours to finally re-register the corrupted license for ASPEmail. It took them an average of 8 hours to respond to my emails while the problem was unresolved, but had no problem sending off several in less than an hour trying to excuse away this horrible service. The last one basically said that other issues took precedence over my problem. Yep, a day and a half later, my lowly problem finally made it to the top of the heap...

Via CON DIOS, ViaNetworks.


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Leaving after doing business for over 10 years. Their service has gone from good to poor to horrible over the years. The last straw was not only them using an expired evaluation copy of ASPMail on my server, but also failing to fix the problem for over a day now. I gave them the fix (register the evaluation copy!!!) almost 12 hours ago, and they still haven't done anything except take the entire server down for a couple of hours today! I am FTP'ing my sites to another server as I type this review.

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