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Formerly known as the shared hosting division of Reliant-web. Due to increasing popularity, Vimhost shared hosting base outgrew the core reseller division. Given that reason, the business made a decision to split the shared hosting division into a separate company.

The goal at Vimhost is to provide our customer with the best possible solution. We dedicated ourselves to the customers when the customer needs it. The success of our clients empowers us to continue do what we do best. We provide world class service, cost effective hosting solutions.

Ontario, Canada.


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I have been in the website business around 2 years now. the first and most important part of website business is to have a fast loading website and 100% uptime. And if you have or planning to have video content website then you must need to be focused to save money.

I have tried so many hosting company before one of my friends introduced me to Vimhost. B4 that either i had problem with loading time(even on dedicated server) or uptime issue. When i changed my hosting company the loding and uptime was just about ok but i was really struggling with the server cost per month. And the tech support was not that good. And the Vimhost just saved me from every single problem. Loading time, 100% uptime 6 months in a row! And the server cost is way too cheap. And the technical support is just awesome. Its 24/7.Response time is very quick. This company is just growing bigger every single day. I would definitely recommend to any1 whether beginners or professionals.



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