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ViUX Systems, Inc. (formally Perfect Webz), was established in the fourth quarter of 1997. In the second quarter of 2003 the name Perfect Webz was changed to ViUX Systems.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, ViUX utilizes multiple Internet Data Centers. ViUX mission is to provide individuals, and businesses of all types and sizes, with the Technology Services and Web / Internet Systems required to offer their products and services to the world... with Vision, Understanding, & eXperience.

ViUX Systems offers a broad range of Interactive Internet Solutions for today's global economy including: Web Hosting, Web Design, Web Applications Programming, Internet (IT) Consulting, and Hardware / Software sales. ViUX also offers several Business Automation Services designed to give you the edge over your competition.


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Hosting Reviews for ViUX

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The Viux.com team, from JT to the many people in the tech department, make up the best service in the industry...they go out of their way to make sure things are top notch. I'm very impressed, and have been a customer for 8 years (and counting).

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"I did my website by learning on my own and with some internet discussions. I was worried when it came to hosting my site and maintening it. A friend of mine suggested to go with VIUX and it did choose VIUX based on recommendation from my friend. I am with VIUX for over 6 years and they have been great. Easy to manage my site, interface is not that complicated, and the support is the best. You get fast resolution of issues and you can talk to a person who knows stuff. Great job VIUX. I highly recommend you. In fact I did make couple more sites for my friends and used VIUX. Thanks VIUX."

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I recently had a self -inflicted cyber-wound in my website structure, which appeared to be FAR beyond my primitive ability to repair.

I contacted Viux about what I had done and I received intense personal service from a senior member of the Viux Management Team, J. T. S.

J. T. told how to fix my site, saving me untold hours of having to rebuild the whole thing. Further, he taught me how to use the invaluable built-in back-up feature of the Viux service, so I can repair the site if I ever do anything as stupid again.

If you're a cyper-whizz this may sound really dumb to you. But if you're cyber illiterate like me, Viux is the ISP you need, because you can count on all the support, help and hand-holding you will EVER need.

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Anytime I have a problem, the [email protected] responds quickly and solves the problem every time.

K. R.

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We have been with ViUX for 10 years now and everything has been perfect, support is quick and helpful!

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"Excellent support! I've been with Viux for many years and it continues to get better and better. Thank you. I tell all my friends and business associates about Viux."


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I have been with ViUX hosting for roughly 2-3 months. I signed up with their Xpress package, which provides ample resources for wordpress. If you have experience with wordpress you should know that not every webhosting provider could handle wordpress requirements, especially if you are going to use plugins, and I believe you would do that. However even lowest plan from ViUX perfectly suitable to deal with wordpress and proved reliability to me trough my experience with them. They are using cloud environment so I have available resources and high stability for all the time. I must say that control panel is unusual, but useful and you can get used to it. Whenever there was any question, their support responded within minutes and assisted in a highly professional manner. I know that I am using them not for very long to render the whole picture, but till now I am pleased.


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These guys are professionals who give great service. I really love that they do not oversell. They guarantee you get to use all the resources that you buy.


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No words can express my feelings from using ViUX cloud hosting service. They have outstanding deals. When I need a support I got fast and professional assistance from my support manager, do they ever sleep? They interact in a truly polite manner. For only $3 I get enough space for all my projects and databases, unlimited traffic and some extras, like one-click installer. Stability is received as promised - 99.99%, and this shows how trustworthy ViUX hosting is. My websites are working smoothly. As an addition they have really useful tool for file sharing, now with it dropbox is useless indeed. If you ask me what I don't like from them, I won't remember a thing. ViUX is always ready to go extra mile for their customers.

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I'm not sure if they are the best, but after a couple of lemons I've been with, I signed up with ViUX.com as I needed a good Drupal host. After switching, I've had virtually no problems as far as uptime or tech support. ViUX makes it really easy to set up your website with their one-click installs in Plesk control panel, which even beginners can understand easily. The service has been excellent and is a great value for the money. The support is really responsive. Whenever I contact them I get a fast reply in a professional manner. They have done a perfect job helping me with any issue or question I've had. Network speed is very fast with my site loading in seconds and server uptime is high, I think that is because of cloud environment. Just want to show my appreciation to ViUX Hosting for their killer services.

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