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We selected VPS.net to be our provider about 18 months ago after a massive outage at Westhost had some of our clients down for almost a week. With VPS.net being from the same parent company we were not sure if this was the best idea (since communication from Westhost during the outage was poor) but looking at their status blog they seemed to communicate well and sounded like migration process would be fairly easy.

I started by talking to then managing director Nick. He was wonderful and getting answers and helping ease worries. The migration went fairly well since VPS.net staff had access to Westhost servers too. Overall fairly minimal issues with the process.

As we want to keep focus on our business, not our servers we signed up for managed support. It has certainly had its ups and downs. Like any customer service organization, there are certainly better support reps than others, but they do normally in the end work to resolve, though I have certainly had my share of “wtf” moments.

Stability of VPS.net hasn’t been too bad though when downtime does occur it seems as though communication stops too which is our biggest issue. I’ve been assured it is being addressed and will be better, but at this point we’ve actually decided to not rely solely on VPS.net but start a more robust infrastructure using multiple providers. VPS.net will continue to be one, but in a much more limited fashion until I see communication during downtime get better and be more stable.

When I talk about more stable, it hasn’t like in the 18 months we’ve been down a ton, but recently had an almost 2 day outage and was pulling teeth to try to get updates durning the process. Not exactly what I expected as a managed support customer. We’ll be dropping that soon I think as well as the “offsite rsync” backups since when our server was down we had no way to access and support wasn’t helpful at all in helping us get access to them.

Overall not a bad provider, certainly many more worse out there, but in my opinion, they are not a tier 1 provider either at this point.

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