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VPSLAND.com offers both Linux AND Windows VPS hosting plans! VPSLAND.com is proud to be one of the very first Virtual Private Server hosting companies to give customers their choice of Enterprise Grade Linux VPS or Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 VPS hosting plans. All VPS servers are hosted on enterprise grade multi-core Hardware with a minimum of 24GB RAM and offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


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Hosting Reviews for VPSLAND


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I have been with VPSLand for over a year. I had some issues in the beginning with my Xen VPS. I would have times where the VPS was unresponsive. I would issue a support ticket, and they would "fix" the problem, never telling me what they fixed. Eventually, I think they moved my VPS to another host server because the slowness just stopped. I cant really complain because of the price (10G HDD, 256MB RAM for 15/month). There is also an issue with the Ubuntu templates. It was very difficult to upgrade mine to a newer version of Ubuntu because of a dependency issue. I emailed support with the information, I don't know if they ever fixed it.

I use my VPS for Teamspeak/Apache/MySQL/Storage

Internet speeds are very good (20Mbps++)

Overall I am very happy with them, and I would recommend them to a friend.


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To begin with, this host advertises "Live Chat Support" on their main webpage, however, it does not exist.

Additionally, when you need support, their canned response says that they will respond "soon".

I have been without any access to my VPS for which I paid a year in advance, for nearly THREE WEEKS. That's right: THREE WEEKS. And Phil - their Senior support dude - could care less.

This is a cursed, fraudulent rip off and the best you can do is stay far away and alert others to their fraud and thefts.

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