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VPSNOC has fully managed and unmanaged VPS. VPSNOC has fast, reliable and fully featured VPS hosting at an affordable price.

With VPS hosting, our customers get full root level access to VPS and its OS. With full root access, VPS owners would be able to install any 3rd party software that requires administrative access to the system. You can also setup custom firewall for additional VPS security. At VPSnoc, we provide a user friendly control panel to fully manage your VPS. The control panel allows you to reboot/re-install your VPS in minutes without contacting our support staff.


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Hosting Reviews for VPSNOC

Mark Cornic

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You guys provide an awesome service that really does kick ass. The price is incredibly reasonable and your new setups are deployed quickly. I feel safe knowing that my server that hosts 50+ websites is simply a VM that is being backed up and can be easily restored.

recommended to everyone!



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purchased my first vps 11 months ago from vpsnoc which has been running till today smoothly as ever, only had 1 downtime of about 15 minutes because of maintenance. they are stable & have very reliable support, i am very happy to have chose vpsnoc!


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using vpsnoc for last 5 months and everything is going great! no downtimes so far!! thank you guys

Jason WC

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I had a server at VPSNOC. One day my payment was rejected by 2co and immediately, with no warning, my site was taken offline. Billing was fairly rude to me and only gave me the 2co transaction number (actually they gave me the wrong number) and (with no alternative payment options) told me to settle the issue with 2co or my account would be removed. After about an hour of going back and forth between 2co and my bank and no luck, the representative at 2co told me the transaction probably should not have been rejected and reinstated the payment. After confirming with VPSNOC billing that the transaction was reinstated by 2co, an hour went by and my site was still offline. I tried calling VPSNOC but only received an answering machine, tried opening tickets with different departments but couldn't get a response. Then 12 hours later they confirmed the payment was successful and my server would be reinstated... 5 hours later and still no luck! I tried contacting them again and no response. At this point over 24 hours had passed and I was desperate to at least get the data they had held hostage. Finally my site was brought back online and I was able to transfer all my data out to a new hosting company. In no way would I suggest this company unless you're simply looking for a VPS to tinker around with but with so many low cost VPS web hosting options out there, why work with a company who doesn't treat you well?

Also note that this company is simply renting the dedicated servers from take2hosting.com and dividing them up into their VPS's. So you will not be communicating with the company who holds the server, instead VPSNOC is the middle-man who does a very poor job.

V. V. Dhabre

    Review Rating

I paid for one year of VPSNOC Unmanaged Bronze VPS


I made payment using cc around 00:00 GMT(It was like 5 am in ASIA), I got their 5-6 emails of invoice & Order finished email.

I went to sleep, back after 7-8 hours, and checked VPS wasnt ready.

As per them it takes max 3 hours as they work around the clock.


I looked for their contact info http://vpsnoc.com/contact.php

says 24x7, 365 U.S Support.

I messaged their Windows Live ID, it is always offline.

I submitted ticket to them and waited another 3 hours, still no response.

I submitted another ticket asking them to cancel my order and refund.

Another 8 hours passed, no response.

So I called their sales phone number and no real person, answering machine saying to leave message.

I messaged them again to know status of cancellation, no reponse.

It is 18 hours now and no VPS setup is done, order is not canceled, support tickets not answered.

If this is the beginning, I am terrified about hosting sites with them and so asked them to cancel hosting and refund.

Any words ?


    Review Rating

Does not live up to their 99.9% uptime promise. I've been with them for about 6 months now and we've a total downtime of OVER 4 DAYS. - 108 hours of confirmable downtime, not including their own scheduled downtimes.

When inquiring about their 99.9% uptime guarantee (they promise a free month of service if they don't meet it), I've gotten no response - this is now 22 days and 9 tickets, 8 phone calls and 6 emails later.

While the features and pricing are good - their service and reliability are 100% worthless.

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