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VPSVille is an internet company formed to address a vacuum in the Canadian market. We specialize in providing quality VPS hosting at fair prices. Our team has more than 40 years combined experience in the IT industry. We are all experienced programmers and system administrators who wanted something more from a hosting company, and couldn't find it.


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Hosting Reviews for VPSVille


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I have been with them for three weeks and had "almost" no issues, the only problem I had was I was missing an IP Address that I payed for, I sent in a support ticket and there was a problem in the sign up. But I got an email saying that they gave me the IP before I even got a response the the ticket! I would recommend them to anyone!


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This host suffered a massive outage in October 2008 where all accounts were effectively wiped clean. When they restored their user account information they decided to continue the business.

I thought that was all fine and dandy and that they were actually nice guys for the way they handled it. They were a backup solution to me so it fortunately was not a big loss for me.

I did have to get back into my account and reconfigure things though. Today I type in my subdomain where it points and find my SSH server is down. Mysteriously down. Lo and behold their main website is also down.

I had another backup host until about a week before this disaster happened. I cut the ties to save money but it looks like I'll be calling that guy up really soon.


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I've been with them for a year and have been very happy. We host our B&B site with them. I was surprised to read that 'all accounts were wiped clean' by a review here, thats just not true. Our site has never gone down and these guys have given us excellent service and value, unlike some other places we've used over the years. They are always polite and ready to help.

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I've used VPSville for many years now and have found them to be an excellent vehicle for my own hosting requirements. They are a budget vps company with very good support and uptime, but the best feature that I find is their vps account templates give you complete and full root access.

I can honestly recommend vpsville.ca


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I've had no major issues with vpsville in the 3 years they've hosted two websites for me. I think in that time, I've had an hour or two downtime (my site is monitored by InternetSeer) but otherwise, service levels have been excellent.

It seems the main complaint about vpsville is poor service. I will say that on the few occasions I've needed help, the replies were prompt but quite terse (as are their public postings) and needed careful reading to interpret. I'm a user with a knowledge level of "enough to be dangerous" and extra explanations and support would have been welcomed.

I can recommend vpsville if you want a straightforward environment but I will be careful if I want to introduce some complexity on my server.


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DO NOT BUY! very bad vps hosting company.

1 week i had 4 different problems, my lxadmin stoped responding.

They said i used over 10GB so again my VPS stop working! i never used more than 1GB of space.

Lots of downtime! i lost alot of customers because of this, now they shutdown my vps due to invalid reasons.

He also gave me a partial refund when i requested FULL refund.

Scam hosting company DO NOT BUY! save your money & time!

Conact me @ [email protected]

i can prove with receipts and emails.


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You definitely get what you pay for. This was the cheapest Canadian VPS I could find and I ended up having my worst hosting experience so far.

Marty Stephenson

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I have been with VPSville for 4 months. My first week of service was interrupted twice with outages that were due to power issues and node issues. Nothing to do with my sites. Since then I have experience a 20 hour outage and again a 2 hour outage. Each time they stated they would compensate me under their Guarantee. No credit was ever seen until I submitted a ticket to get them to honor the guarantee. They said they did.

No phone support, I have asked for a support/billing or any phone contact and they refuse. I am now looking for a new VPS hosting company.

Justin W

    Review Rating

Do yourself a huge favour and google reviews on vpsville before you sign up with them.

On more than one occasion they have gone down HARD for a very long time.

One more than one occasion, they lost all of their customers sites and data. ALL OF IT. With no recourse for those customers of any kind.

They claim they have good uptime. They do not.

They claim they have backup solutions. They do not.

They claim they have some semblance of what they're doing. They do not.

Like I said, don't believe me? Google about VPSville's crashes and unexplained downtime.

Brian Nank

    Review Rating

VPSville HORRIBLE support!

This past week I submitted my site to JoeAnt, they wrote back saying the listing was declined because their software McAfee said the site was a threat.

I knew for a fact that there was nothing on my site so I did some research and found that the IP I was assigned was blacklisted back in 2010 by several malware / virus sites.

I contacted VPSville support and they told me the IP was clean even after I gave them the links to the data I had found. They told me "Don't blame us for their list, or expect us to stop using an IP that had a bad customer on it 2 years ago. All IPs are re-used, its up to the lists to be accurate."

So my new site is being harmed because VPSville refuses to take any responsibility for the actions of their previous customer!

Instead of just giving me a new IP, they have told me that I can contact McAfee and all the sites that have identified the IP as bad and get them to update their list. WHY is it my responsibility to do that? WHAT have I done to deserve this? Paid them a nice fee for hosting and get stuck with an IP thats dirty as CRAP!

So I would caution you to stay clear of them - once they have your money and given you a dirty IP that has been abused they couldn't care less what harm it will do to you!


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I've read good and bad reviews about VPS Ville and I have to admit when they work they work fine. The problem is when they do not work.

I run three servers with them right now. Two of them constantly vanish simultaneously while the third remains operational. This has happened repetitively, once for a period of 12 hours.

They do get the servers back up again eventually but with no explanation or even response to questions about what happened. They claim they will reimburse you for downtime but this is a blatant lie.

Right now I am sitting looking at two unreachable servers -- again! -- and have just had to send staff home because they cannot work. If I have learned one this it's that you must provide decent support to your customers and the support from VPSVille is dismal. I'll be moving my business away from them and I would suggest that anyone considering using their services consider very carefully the cost of hours of downtime with no response or explanation.



    Review Rating

I'm amazed at the way this company treat their paying customers!

I've had a repeated problem with blacklistings on one of my VPS's IP addresses. Even though the blacklisting site clearly indicate that the problem is coming from the root of the server in an area I do not have access to, I've had my VPS suspended.

Any time I've queried this with support in the past, it magically got fixed (but re-occurred later)

Any attempts to get to the bottom of the problem was totally ignored by support

Now, even after promising me access to my files on the server, support has gone silent on me, refusing to answer support queries - ignoring the problems I'm having completely. I've had no contact from them in 5 days, despite my pleads for help.

To top it off - they have continued to take payment for the suspended service.

I'd advise anyone thinking of using them to run a mile!

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