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Webhostingpad.com was formed in 2005 with a team of very successful and proven industry veterans intent on delivering the best value in web hosting. With the growing need for affordable hosting, the company set out to deliver the best web hosting at a price where everyone can afford to have their piece of the world wide web.

Webhostingpad.com remains committed to delivering the best value in Internet hosting by providing a safe, reliable and efficient process to create an Internet presence, all with a price structure driven by value.

Web Hosting Pad is very confident in our products and services. We provide a fast, reliable and comprehensive service that we believe you will be completely satisfied with.

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Hosting Reviews for Web Hosting Pad

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    Review Rating

They are good and they have and give all it takes to keep and satisfy hard customers. And on top of that they are cheap. They are thousand time much better than my former hosts. I realy like this host.

I'm staying , because they are good.


    Review Rating

Their support impressed me immensely. When I talked to Chris, I had no feeling from him of wanting to fix my problem as quickly as he could so he could move on the next customer; instead, he made sure he completely understood the issue I was having and did everything he could to fix it, which he did. He also explained what the issue was in a way I could understand. I have never talked to more helpful toll-free support. This is a genuine, professional company that will stick around for years and continue to grow, I’m sure. Highly recommended.

    Review Rating

Failed in every promise. 2 weeks of headache and multiple chats with support. Nobody can help with simple questions. Have to terminate account after 2 weeks of suffering.

Charles S

    Review Rating

Let me preface this review by presenting my opinion: Web Hosting Pad (webhostingpad.com) has been the worst overall hosting experience I have ever had, and I have had many.

I signed up for one year of service at Web Hosting Pad ("WHP"). I was enticed by the huge space and bandwidth promises. I was naive and I soon found that it was a big mistake. Somehow I didn't think through the fact that hosting companies like WHP don't have the resources to really offer such huge space. They offer such huge space for marketing reasons and if anyone actually took them up on their feature list, they would be in trouble.

I was pissed off two months in - past the 30 day money back guarantee. I got the hint that they are running hundreds of different people's shared accounts on each server after speaking with a tech support agent. The equipment is underfunded, inefficient, and slow. My sites were down at least half the time during one month with no explanation for the downtime. After repeated attempts to fix the issue, I was told there wasn't one. Ha - "99% uptime guarantee." Try 49% uptime guarantee, if you're lucky. I have had many, many webhosts. I can test connections through multiple networks, more than ten PCs, etc. I know when my site is down. I could not upload via FTP because the server was so spotty. At one point, my MySQL latency (lag time) was over 10 seconds. This was ridiculous and unacceptable.

My troubles bring me to my next topic: WHP's support and customer service. I can sum it up with the following: GOD-AWFUL. At first I thought that the many tickets I opened to try to fix issues such as downtime, moving servers, screwed up domain transfers, etc were being responded to by people on the Asian continent, due to lack of proficiency and courteousness in the English language. But, after doing a little looking around, I found that all of WHP's people are based in the United States. This was good. They just weren't successful enough or big enough to hire people in Asia for tech support. But it was also worse: instead of hiring people with English as a second language (which would have been better in this case), they chose to hire idiots. American dimwits who have minimal, if any, technical knowledge, no grammatical concepts in English, and never had a business class on how courtesy and how to treat a customer. They are lazy and it takes days to get anything done, not to mention the fun time you have on the phone listening to hold music for hours while the line is busy.

After another month I was fed-up. I asked to transfer my four domains away from WHP. Not only was I charged $14.95 each domain to transfer away, the tech representatives from WHP had no idea how to do a domain transfer correctly - one of the fundamental practices in web hosting. They did not know to unlock the domain and it took them a long time to give me the authorization codes. The tech support reps spew ICANN regulations like they wrote them, though they are blatantly wrong time and time again.

Like I mentioned, I signed up for a one-year account. I do not like auto renewals but I didn't see that buried in their TOS, they say every account gets auto-renewed. Wahoo! Not. So a couple of days ago I got an email saying my credit card had been charged for another year of hosting. "That's odd," I thought to myself, “I thought I cancelled my account seven months ago.” I had submitted a ticket asking to transfer my domains away. After that nightmare was over, I replied in the ticket and said something along the lines of "Now that my domains are gone, you can close my account and delete my information." I never received a response and the ticket was closed on their end, so I assumed it was a done deal - my account was cancelled. But unbeknownst to me, and more importantly not given to me as a link, I had to fill out a trivial cancellation form in order to officially cancel my account. The thickheaded imbecile of a “Billing Manager” told me that my account was never cancelled. "Fine," I said, "I don't have any domains here and I sure as hell don't want another year of hosting, so please refund my credit card for the auto-renewal payment." After lots of arguing, the billing manager refused to fully refund my payment. He said that I needed to pay a "late cancellation" fee of $25.00. Bullshit. Let me get this straight - you hide your cancellation form behind a maze of links and even if your people give the impression that my account is closed and I no longer have any hosting here, I still need to pay you money. No. The BBB is going to hear about this.

If WHP is not a company using reseller hosting, then I don't have any advice for whoever is running things there other then fire everyone and start over. I mean it.

Is this review fraudulent? Am I an employee of a competing company out to discredit Web Hosting Pad? Think about it. This review is legitimate and genuine. Why would I spend this much time to write lies? This was my real experience at WHP. Don't make the same mistake I did.

-A former Web Hosting Pad customer


    Review Rating


A year ago I was a customer with WHP without any complaints. Since then something drasticly has changed

and the story goes...

A business partner of mine wanted to change providers from NetFirms.

Having no idea of the current state of webhostingpad's services I recccomended them without any hesitation.

Quickly we learned that was a BIG mistake


1) Bandwidth= Poor

From texas to chicago

Download 1Mbps

Upload 700kpbs

From chicago to chicago

Download 2.5Mbps

Upload 1.5Mbps

2) Reliablity= POOR

a. Site was down atleast 4 times at the minimum within a month.

b. Blocked from FTP access for no reason

3) Support= POOR

a. Response always seemed to be email [email protected] or [email protected] No ownership at all.

b. Never could get a clear answer as to why my site went down.

c. When I did get a answer from a tech they said it was because of another user on the server.

4) Services= POOR

a. Fantastico Delux (In Cpanel) ALWATS had to click refresh to install or remove scripts. ( WHP DENIED THIS WAS AN ISSUE )

6) Price= Fair

a. "At Web Hosting Pad You Really Get What You Pay For!!!" - New company sloagan I made up for these jokers.

Steve Cox

    Review Rating

I would strongly advise anyone looking for a web hosting company to avoid Webhostingpad at all costs. We experienced chronic downtime with our site/email and then having moved our site to another hosting company, they billed us (9+ months after moving our site) and are now refusing to refund charges for services not yet provided! If you read around, you will see that a number of other ex-customers of this company report similar experiences. Webhostingpad should have been embarrassed by their poor service, but instead, have made a pathetic effort to scam us out of another hosting fee!


    Review Rating

Hi, I bin with this hosting service for about a year

and they where great but, when I upgraded to VPS there where a few hang ups

1- I took 7 days of back and fourth to set up had to give them my account info several times.

2- There ad for VPS is very confusing- it says ffmpeg and phpmotion pre installed (on request) just to be sure I contacted tech support and vps admin and they said it would be installed for free. while setting up acct they said it would be $60 setup fee for phpmotion

I think there ad and the tech support is a little

misleading to say the least.

Ed Bekker

    Review Rating

We tend to think support is good when all goes well. Support should only be evaluated when you have had a major problem. I will not bore you with the detail, but let me tell you, their support sucks big time! Support is the willingness AND ability to struggle through a problem to resolve it. If you haven't had a problem with, for example their billing department, well, then you should not think their support is good!

    Review Rating

When I signed up with WHP, I was stoked by their price and support, but since then it has been nothing but trouble.

Everything was fine until I signed up a client with a referral link.

After sending them 800 referrals, I finally looked at my stats and saw they had either 1) not converted a single one or 2) not credited me. I tend to think it's the latter since they didn't credit me for the client I signed up with my own hands.

I started to complain and got nothing but attitude. I was told my account was credited but it was not. Brian, the sales rep was a total duchebag.

The next week I started having frequent site outages. Each time I would send in a support request, it would instantly fix. Coincidence? I think not.

Then after a week of this, my account was suspended. I had used their backup tool but later when I tried to restore my sites, the file failed.

I've had trouble with everything including a non functioning fantastico, their tech staff is either retarded or sadistic, and the support # they gave me was UFK-### which seems very close to the fuck you they gave me.

I paid for three years and got less than one out of it. I recommend you go with anyone other than webhostingpad.cum


    Review Rating

WebhostingPad are scamming people. They shut my account for requiring excessive bandwidth and didn't even offer me a refund. Their website reads "UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH" what a scam.

Brian Pratt

    Review Rating

Be VERY CAREFUL here, read ALL THE FINE PRINT. They will terminate your web domain registration if you aren't careful. Their "free" web domain is only for year 1, which they don't tell you up front. You need to sign up and wait for them to tell you this. Customer service is unwilling to assist if your website is let go to the auctions. They claim to contact you when they really don't.


    Review Rating

Webhostingpad people are a bunch of dicks.

I really hate them deeply. I hate everything they do.

The servers were dinosaur slow, got hacked into, then they blamed me for something I didn't do, the thought I abused the server, but clearly someone did a sql injection script to get in, but they are a bunch of assholes and took down my websites for a very long time. They also put their 'free' domains in their own name, and it appears all the work you do to develop links to that name will be one they may fight to keep for themselves, to profit off your hard work. It's a scam. I will take them to court and sue them if I have to, evil people.

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