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Webfusion was founded in 1997 and has been offering services for websites for more than ten years. WebFusion were one of the pioneers in the UK web hosting industry and WebFusion have huge experience in all areas of hosting and websites.

Now part of the GoDaddy Group of companies that include GoDaddy, Media Temple, Host Europe, 123-reg, Heart Internet, domainFACTORY, Domain Monster, RedCoruna, Domainbox, Donhost, Brand Fortress, PlusServer, Server4You, and the Paragon Internet Group which uses the brand names TsoHost, VidaHost, WebFaction, daily internet, EVO, MrSite, Dataflame, and WebFusion of course.


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Hosting Reviews for WebFusion

Peter Grove

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Webfusion recently migrated 35 of my client sites to a new Heart Internet platform. They say the mailed me to let me know this was happening but I didnt receive the mail and repeated requests for a cop of it have failed to produce one.

I only discovered this had happened when all 35 sites went down. It turns out all the MySQL db access details had changed on the new platform as well as the MySQL & PHP versions.

Having spent one whole day resurrecting the sites today email accounts are starting to fail. I begin to suspect they have changed all the email account settings as well. Imagine trying to talk 35 client through reconfiguring their email.

The only good thing about the migration is I'm no longer with Webfusion ( after a year of server security breaches and hacks). Sadly Heart are now part of the same group and may now go down the same pan...

Alec Morales

    Review Rating

Webfusion promised the universe got a spec of sand.

We are paying Euro99/month. At one point in time they told me "the premium brand is don host you should have gone with them" pity they did not tell us this at pre sales stage. They also told us that support staff are not qualified.

As part of the deal they gave us a number of free installations - they took 4days to complete them... The reason "we do the installations of paying customer first".

Stay away if you want support this is not the place to be.

Bob Fenton

    Review Rating

Our Web Fusion VPS went offline last week. At the time of writing (7 days later) it is still offline.

We have used Web Fusion for the past couple of years and this was the first major problem we have encountered. My experience has shown up some major problems with the Web Fusion support.

Firstly, the on line ticketing system is OK for simple problems that can rectified immediately. However, if they reply asking for mor information, your response goes to the bottom of the queue.

Secondly, if you call the support number you have to deal with the person who picks up the call. This means that there is no continuity and you will end up explaining the problem over and over again.

Thirdly, when things are taking too long to be resolved, there is absolutely no mechanism for escalating the problem into the management structure.

Lastly, although the support is 24/7, don't expect anything other than relatively simple queries to be handled outside normal office hours.

I have had a very frustrating week with my most recent problem but I have tried to be objective. I would definitely not recommend this provider but I'm not sure that any of the low cost providers are much better.

Finally, be aware that there is no SLA attached to their VPS configurations so if it fails there can be no claims for downtime.


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Webfusion limits individual downloads to 3mbps. (315KB/sec) I can run five simultaneous downloads at 3mbps for a combined 15mbps, but I cannot expect visitors of my site to use download accelerators.

I use my Webfusion to host photos and short videos I've shot with a pocket camera on various online forums. This host cannot serve up high resolution photos, animated GIFs, or even SD video due to this cap. I asked Webfusion to allow me to upgrade my account and they said that wouldn't be possible.

Nowhere on their site do they mention the incredibly caps they place on individual connections. Also, their hosting has terrible latency for US customers since Webfusion's data center is located in Europe.

After submitting my request to cancel my hosting subscription, Webfusion took over a week to respond. And when they canceled my subscription, they immediately charged my account for the next month telling me they automatically charge for the next thirty days of service at cancelation.

I lack the vocabulary to express my distaste for Webfusion.

Dominic Masters

    Review Rating

As soon as I paid Webfusion my latest invoice for yearly fees, they transferred me to Heart Internet. This broke my site and email. I am still waiting for them to be fixed. Just terrible. Wasn't even warned.


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Webfusion have also migrated my clients website to the new Heart Internet platform. They too said they emailed me to let me know this was happening, however this is not the case.

I only discovered this when my clients site went down, and have spent 8 fruitless hours trying to gain access to my clients site (FTP details had changed!) and log tickets with their online support. Heart Internet only have ticket support - which is tiresome & a hugely time wasting when they are unable to resolve the issue they created! I'm advising my clients to go elsewhere.


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There have been numerous outages over the past few months including email. The support is shoddy with only a support portal, no phone, no online chat!!!

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