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WebhostGIANT exists to help clients maximize their dollar by offering the best and most affordable web hosting available. WebhostGIANT know that cutting costs on quality does nothing but create issues for their clients and WebhostGIANT as a company. So this is something WebhostGIANT will never do. Even though WebhostGIANT offer large savings over their competition, it does not mean they are cutting corners. WebhostGIANT has capitalized on years of experience to streamline a service to a degree never seen before. WebhostGIANT only do shared web hosting. And WebhostGIANT do it well!

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Hosting Reviews for WebhostGiant

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I know there is no THE Best web hosting company ever in the world. But I dare say that Webhostgiant is the best one. Or at least one of the best. All what is needed form web hosting company they give you and provide that in time with no delays. I’m happy to use them and I recommend everyone who is thinking about web hosting chose Webhostgiat.

That is 10 out of 10 web host!

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I’m from Mexico but I do spend a lot of time traveling and time to time I need to acess to my web sites hosted with Webhostgiant during my trips. What I have to admit that the speed is constant and high around the world, support seems to be working around the clock as I asked it several times from different time zones.

As for me Webhostgiant is reliable partner I can rely on.

Recommend this host to everyone.


    Review Rating

I have been with WHG for about a year and a half and have about 15 domains on a Windows server.

Most of the time they are pretty good. In other words, the sites work and I don't have to think about hosting. The occasional problems were always handled pretty easily by helpful techs on chat or ticket.

However, in the past 3-4 months I have noticed a drop off in both service reliability and support. I have two tickets tagged high priority submitted three days ago that are still unanswered (except for the automated confirmation with ticket#). Three days of all my domains down... and no response.

I have begun planning to migrate all my sites... as soon as the FTP server starts responding that is.

It may be a legit issue, but to not be able to fix it in 3 days or not even provide the courtesy of a response is completely unacceptable.

Sean C

    Review Rating


Hard to use interface for setting and configuration. Was given a password that didn't work for cPanel. FTP login stopped working all of a sudden and password resets did nothing. I just gave up with them.

Received a notice they had billed me out of the blue! I never signed up for automatic billing so this was a surprise. Contacted support and was told they do not do refunds. I looked around in their settings and it appears there is no way to opt out of auto-renew.

Now I've just paid for another few months of a slow, unreliable service that I can't even log into to use.

I rated their pricing as average - they're quite low priced, but the response time, uptime and support are horrible. I'd rather spend a bit more for some quality.

Erhan Yilmaz

    Review Rating

WebhostGiant is like a joke. They seem to have posted in many forums themselves. There is one customer rep and probably one owner who does everything. I ordered hosting from them; 3 days nothing. If they are not motivated during a new sale, I cannot imagine how motivated they will be for technical issues. They don't get back to my requests, tickets, nothing. The chat guy is useless. All he says is I noted; they will be back, we are very busy etc. The chat guy is funny indeed; there is only one guy. Maybe in India. Switches names; but from his broken English and same grammar errors you understand that he is the same person. So funny... Still waiting them to refund my CC payment. I will probably need to dispute....

    Review Rating

Do not choose WebhostingGiant for your webhosting needs. Their service is poor. They take days for you to access your purchased domain. I started a new website, I can't imagine if I migrated what I would have lost. I am cancelling my service, but I have a very good hunch it will be a problem to do so. Find a more reputable hosting service and don't get sucked in to the low price like I did.

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