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Founded in 2002 by current CEO, Safvan Malik, WebHostingBuzz began life as a simple reseller account. The very first day was highly successful, and each subsequent day has been a success story for WebHostingBuzz too. WebHostingBuzz now provide services to almost 10,000 clients and have in excess of 100 servers facilitating this. WebHostingBuzz employ staff from 3 different continents and have clients from almost every country in the world.

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I've been with webhostingbuzz for about two years now. My sites get about 400-600MB of traffic each day.

My site(forums, mostly) gets traffic around the clock, and within the last several months, there have only been about 7 minutes of downtime(split between two days).

They're one of the cheapest hosts I've used, so I was surprised to see that they've been the most reliable.

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high quality services & super fast service

Lucien Sabre

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I've been with WebHostingBuzz for almost a year, and so far I believe I couldn't have chosen a better host.

1) The site has yet to have a single glitch, which means I have had no reason at all to contact their support.

2) The site speed is excellent as well as the uptime (I check the site at least once a week, I always found it up).

3) They use WHMCS and cPanel with Softacolous, which makes managing my site a pleasure.

So far, I would definitely RECOMMEND this host to everybody.

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Their feature/price ratio is simply amazing and the host is downright fast. My family experienced an initial difficulty with the host within the first week and nothing since. The email sent to us, which should have contained our username, password, et cetera, instead sported errors.

After only a few pokes, the support staff verified my identity and my relationship to the credit card holder (my father) and responded by sending emails to both of us, to ensure I was not a punk kid trying social hacking (the practice of hacking people rather than computers to gain access to systems).

Overall, great service.

Scott Butler

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Had my site with them for about 3 years. Good uptime, decent speed, good support. I had to switch to upgrade to VPS hosting because I needed more, but if you just have a regular site, need web, mail, mysql, etc, then webhostingbuzz is probably one of the best out there.

Levente Orban

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Good price, but poor feature set with arbitrary account limitations (e.g., no remote MySQL connections). Support responsive but not very helpful


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I have a reseller account that was down for 15 days, unable to accept orders. Tickets were submitted multiples times a day; they kept saying the problem wasn't on their end. Well, after the 16th day they finally figured out it was on their end. And now, their server is down again, they are blaming it on a DDoS attach. So much for 99% up time. I would stay away from this company.


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I've been using WHB for over 2 years, and just ended my relationship with them. They're cheap, but that's about all they have going for them. They have extremely slow servers, lots of downtime, and horrible and disrespectful customer support (see this link here, they actually call a customer "pathetic" for complaining about something: http://www.dslreports.com/comments/2543).

Strongly advice going elsewhere. Just not worth it.

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