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Founded in 1998 and 100% U.S. based, Website Source has received many web hosting awards and honors from distinguished review panels. This experience gives Website Source customers the peace of mind that their websites are being managed by veteran professionals. The corporate office is located in Austin, Texas and Website Source provides an expert team of technical support personnel that supports many thousands of businesses and individuals around the world. Website Source offers everything you need to start, maintain, and grow your online business.

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Elaine Hill

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It's true Website Source had major issues while they were moving their own datacenter, etc. We stuck it out with them and they've been really stable ever since then. We run complex code with large amounts of data. Their support has been quite good.

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We hosted our large, forum based, site with this host for two years. At first, everything was great. Our VPS ran smooth, support was above average, and we were very pleased with the service. By the end of the first year we started having issues with the site, and support started degrading. We had noticed that there was a wide variation between the different support people we dealt with. Some were excellent, some were barely qualified, with the median dropping from above average to just average over that year. Although we had qualms about it we still renewed for a second year. Big mistake! Support and performance took a real nosedive that second year.

It became impossible to find a support rep who knew what they were doing, or even understood the problems. Our site slowed to a crawl, with frequent hangs and errors. When, over the last few months, we started getting frequent server failures, with no explanations, we knew it was time to move. Even then it was almost too late, as during the move their entire operation, including their own site, went down for a 6 hour period, with no warning, notice or explanation.

Avoid these guys like the plague!

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