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Since established in 2007 by a group of WordPress enthusiasts, WPWebHost has becoming a popular name of WordPress hosting provider. WP Webhost combine our profound WordPress hosting expertise with WordPress knowledge to provide best WordPress hosting solutions to WordPress community around the world. WP Webhost offer a wide range of WordPress hosting plans to WordPress users, from new WordPress blog hosting for beginner to high traffic advanced WordPress site hosting. All our WordPress hosting plans include 24×7 support, 99.5% uptime guarantee, and unbeatable 100-days money back guarantee.

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After 3 months using WP WebHost, I am really satisfied with the service that they provide for me. Despite having it for free, the services are excellent. I am pround to say that we’ve put WP WebHost to the test.

We had few issues in the beginning and what I did is to send them an email regarding my problem. Within few hours, they replied with instructions on what to do. Within 24 hours, the problem solved.

In the banner (below) you can see their tag line, “Made for Wordpress” and indeed they are. They know inside out about the WordPress, a blogging tool and publishing platform. You can ask them anything about Wordpress and they will be happy to answer your questions. In fact, I even made them to backup my website database and upgrade my Wordpress platform by sending an email. That is how reliable they are.

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