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Formally Cherry Web Hosting, x24 has been a growing consistently since our launch into the web hosting market back in 1998. With both individuals and businesses choosing us for their hosting provider, we have established ourselves as the best fully-featured low-cost host in the market today.

With the combination of highly skilled network technicians, powerful open source software, and established bandwidth providers, we built the proud company you see today.


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STAY AWAY!! Promise the world deliver nothing! Despite being all over their website offering 24/7 support they take days -some times weeks to respond. They have two phone numbers, one always rings out, the other goes to a completely different company. The state SLA's and guarantee to reply within an hour and resolve issues within 6 hours this has NEVER happened. The promise to return monthly hosting costs if SLA's aren't met - yet never deliver on this promise either. Cheap, but with no service or support, happy to take your money and send you invoices and reminders to get their money but when you need them, they are invisible. There should be better regulations for hosting providers to remove this cowboys. STAY AWAY!!

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