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XSserver.Eu is a company specialising in VPS and dedicated servers located in Germany and The Netherlands. We offer top of the range, top quality Virtual Private servers, dedicated servers and other internet related services running today's latest software and using the latest equipment. XS Server provide everything that you could ever need to run a website, hosting company, game server and almost anything else on the internet!

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Hosting Reviews for XS Server

Niels Weyhe

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I had this host for some years. At start it did Work okay, support was okay and site was working.

Soon we start have problem wiht our mail was in SpamHaus, and other Places. XsServer was complianing about Thye could not get us out from spamhaus and other spam-site. We fund out that ip-range keep been block, and XsServer did not understand how to stop this. We are guessing that other ip in the range are spaming... After some time we got a "speciel" ip, so the problem became less.

Later support get worse and worse... Now they have up to 3 day wait time for support, what would be nice if you need a restert...

Supoort is also bad. They answar one question, and it can take days to answar NeXT question in that tread, and offen they just close the tread.

My web-sites is now running on a friends sever, my mail go through his server, and only my mail-program running on XsServer, what will end very soon...

I can NOT adwise to use this host

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