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ZomboHost works hard to provide you with nice and easy web hosting solution. We are picking up the cutting edge technologies and we are putting them together so you'll always have the most fitting hosting solution to your needs.

ZomboHost will always choose the most stable and modern solutions and we'll always try to be a step ahead our competition. Our only goal is to provide you with the best hosting environment we can do.


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Hosting Reviews for ZomboHost

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High end hosting solution for a low cost price.. I'm currently rebuilding my website and the support is helping me to install and configure the wordpress and templates free of charge. Thank you for the tech help :)

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I've changed many hosts for my pharmaceutical blog over the years.

I've switched to Zombohost few months ago. I guess what. I was surprised that I have no issues at all. In fact The price is very low and my site is faster then light how they are doing that?

As I know from their support the pure ssd is responsible for that lightning fast service they have. I have few thousands of visitors daily and I still pay $2.75/mo when other hosts tell me "buy yourself a vps.." But I'm a pharmacist what can I do with vps.. :) Zombohost said "oo no problem our shared plan is perfect for your needs " and it really is.

ZomboHost are reliable super fast and offering mind blowing prices.. Don't hesitate to use them

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