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Zymic pride themselves in being one of the most reliable and feature packed free web hosting services on the net. Zymic free hosting features include PHP/MySQL, free sub-domain names, Ad-free hosting and an overly generous disk and transfer allowance. Zymic.com's free web hosting is ideal for personal and business


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Hosting Reviews for Zymic

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Very good host. Reliability great. Free is good too!

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I love zymic, zymic offer all I need. I made my website: http://edvin.tk via Zymic Hosting Control Panel 2.0 and my norwegian webiste http://mittnett.zzl.org/ its made with Zymic. Support is perfection!


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Dog slow upload and download. Typical uload is 0.05 k/sec. Like watching grass grow. Just not acceptable.

Julie Simon

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Painfully slow page-load, ul and dl times. Other than that, the service is great. Tons of features for free but if you want actual visitors to your site, its a bust 'cause no one's gonna wait over a minute for a pageload.

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1. Sockets are off

2. ZLIB is disabled (php compiled without Zlib), so no compression availeble, no gzcompress or bzcompress() functions

3. Special (not-phpmyadmin) DB administration tool

4. sign-up is forbidden for some countries

5. Sometimes server changes it's IP so domain A records is not a good idea.

As for other things excellent old free hosting with good uptime.

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I have used the free "zzl.org" site for a couple of years but too much unscheduled downtime has made me look elsewhere.

Annoyingly there is no information anywhere to enable webmasters to see when the site is likely to be back on-line.


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Not resting, but dead as a doornail.


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When I first came across Zymic, I was happy. I needed a simple host and I didn't need much, and Zymic had everything I need. HOWEVER, support wasn't that great. I was ignored most of the time in their LiveChat support, and sometimes they skip me and they would go on to another person. Also, their sites can be horrendously slow at times, but not only that, the sites are down quite often. I've finally had enough when the sites has been down for more than 2 weeks (and still counting.) I'm finding myself a new host.


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Its funny I was really happy when I found this host...was free, was easy to use...then their websites are down, no warnings or news updates given, have to push for answers...and worst of all, they end their programs, are lazy in the upkeep of their servers and now ended their html based file managers...so a big joke..and I almost lost all my files due to their stupidity, 11 yrs of work...dont use them !!!

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For a free hosting provider, Zymic aren't the best. Badwidth is good, space is good but ftp speed is really slow with no support for web browser ftp. The support is mediocre and only staff can make any alterations to the mx settings. Overall, if you can afford to pay for web hosting then choose a paid host, otherwise you could do a lot wors than zymic.

    Review Rating

Host was great while running, however frequent downtime's and now a site that is completely broken with virtually no updates is unacceptable.


    Review Rating

Zymic started off amazing. Their hosting was reliable, fast and great. Then problems started. A lot of PHP versions came out and left Zymic with a super outdated PHP 5.2. When I asked an admin about it, he said that upgrading PHP "was at the bottom of a very long to-do list". Hosting was also always down, IRC didn't give you much more than unhelpful automated messages. And, since about November 2013, Zymic has been dead.


    Review Rating

Very terrible support, support tells me to look up the answer myself instead of asking them.

    Review Rating

In my opinion, zymic is not the host you want to use. I made 1 little mistake in the code that they did not like. So, they displayed a very defamatory message to my visitors, a snapshot can be seen at http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C2HAWOYN3PZEZDDTG3SWSXPTYI/album/photos/318109

I did not deserve such harsh treatment. There was no scam, fraud, pfishing or any other activities they made so prominent. They real reason they had posted this was hidden at the very bottom in tiny letters & was still not specific, so it was very misleading to any visitors. They tried to ruin my reputation for something very petty.

They refused to remove it at first saying it would stay up forever(?). After I spoke to my attorney & showed him what they had done, he told me what to tell them. I did so & they finally removed it after about 6 hrs, still claiming it was justified.


    Review Rating

The downtime is getting to be one week in four. Support is non-existent. This host is not to be used for anything that you value.


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I’ve had a website with Zymic for over 3 years with no major problems except for frequent downtimes. Then suddenly today, for no apparent reasons I can think off, Zymic pulled the plug on my site and suspended it.

My site is themed on my family history and has kept the same formats since I first created and uploaded the site on the Zymic host.

Zymic do not disclose reasons why they suspend sites, but that’s not really my issue. Where my site used to be, there is now an imposing abuse notice, with a list violations that may have brought Zymic to terminate my website. This really does not do anything for my good name and reputation on line. I tried to contact Zymic via their live chat service to have the notice taken down, and the only response I received from a member of admin was; JUST WAIT, after desperately waiting 40 minutes for a response.

The Zymic staff is rude, curt, extremely unfriendly, extremely unhelpful and are truly a nasty piece of work.

I would not recommend anyone to create a website with any of these free hosts. They will delete your site within an instant, without care, with no explanations, for the slightest of reasons without mercy. In fact they will mess you up.


    Review Rating

Sadly, Zymic is terrible for downtime. My site has probably been down about 80% of the time this year... that's just unacceptable. What's even worse, is the fact they give you absolutely NO information about it.

You can e-mail them and you'll get no response. Their forum has been down for maintenance for well over a year and their IRC chat goes unmonitored.

Their support is not just poor, it's non-existant!

Their free webhosting is a ripoff... yes, you read that right. You're ripped off for all the time you spent making (time) and uploading (bandwith)your site.

Look elsewhere.


    Review Rating

Years ago they were good, but now Zymic is as bad as it gets. My website has been down for months with zero support or explanation. Their "tech support" is volunteer, which means they're basically non-existent, so when their server goes offline there's no one around to fix it. It's a joke of a service, they should just close their doors, take their website offline and be done with it.


    Review Rating

I did not even know the site was down until i went to go spruce one of them up for my portfolio. I had 2 sites, one was a blog and the other was a drupal site. I did not have database backups so all the information is gone. I may have a backup of all my drupal customizations. The last twitter update was last month and antime you ask in IRC they say the same thing...we are offline, no ETA, deal with it, go away. They used to be a good hosting place.


    Review Rating

Absolutely shite. Hosting has been down for months and the ignorant admins have disappeared

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I am sad to see that Zymic servers are STILL down after all these months. I had been a loyal user for years, but I have moved on to another free host. I get that Zymic offered FREE hosting, but the support team on the site and in the now closed forum were never much help at all. The forum admin came off as being rude a lot of the times. Questions were never given straight answers. Zymic hosting started out very strong, but slowly deflated.

Daniel Miller

    Review Rating

The site is completely dead, no support or comments given.

It's defunct.


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Crap. Took half an hour JUST TO CREATE A FREAKING ACCOUNT. It is not reliable and is crap.

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